My week this week: Melange

As I was wondering about what word to choose to sum up my week a number ran through my mind as I wasn't sure which one to choose; it could have been traffic because for some inexplicable reason we seem to have developed some of that right outside our door every morning as I leave for work and every night as I come home.

Or maybe it would be Yay! as our chairs have finally been delivered. MOH worked at home yesterday to wait in for their arrival in the usual 8am-1pm slot, so typically they arrived at 8.30am - how often does that happen?  

They're looking good though - and if I manage to get a decent enough picture before I leave for work then I'll add it here.  They've been a long time coming, but they're here now. Yay!  It also means this weekend I'll be able to dig out those Alessi goodies I bought to use with the new table and chairs. I can't believe I've been this patient!

Then I looked back at my posts this week in an attempt to jog my memory for a recurrent theme - and garden was an obvious choice.  It's been #NationalGardeningWeek and on Monday I joined up with some friendly green-fingered bloggers to share lots of garden inspirationthe garden theme continued with posts on more show gardens from the Ideal Home Show and the fun I had with a can of spray paint in our own garden last Sunday.

Then there was the craft show that I went to at The Excel last Saturday. I'd booked onto a workshop to learn how to crochet, but sadly that was cancelled due to lack of interest (not mine obvs).  I was disappointed as I'd only bought a ticket to the show because of the workshop. Of course I went along anyway and came home with a bundle of goodies that I felt I couldn't live without a moment longer and I soon found a home for them in my craft-room-come-study who's transformation is coming along nicely. I'm hoping to share some pictures of that next week.

So it seemed only right to find a word that summed up this mixture of a week; assortment, varied and medley sprung to mind but then I stumbled upon melange and its definition of a varied mixture just seemed right.  So this week that's what I'm choosing, it sums my week up nicely!

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