Blue - and pink - bells in my garden

We're definitely moving into the blue, pink and mauve phase of Spring. After spotting the giant bluebell clump yesterday I thought I'd check my garden to see just how the bluebells are managing out there.  Just fine it seems, as they seem to be in takeover mode. They're everywhere and spreading fast, but I'm not sure that's really a problem, are you?

They're on both sides of the garden, and in the rear beds too. They're by the house and under the rosemary bush.

bluebells by the rosemary

And in with the sedums catching the sun from the trunk of the laburnum.

bluebells by the laburnum

In with the oxalis with their foliage spilling onto the grass, clearly aware that MOH is wondering about a new lawnmower or at the very least finding somewhere to sharpen his existing blades, which seems a much trickier and harder to source option.

Bluebells and oxalis

But it's not just bluebells, for I have some pinkbells too.  I'm pretty sure I've had some whitebells in the past, but they're not showing yet - or they've been and gone, I'm not sure which, or maybe I just haven't spotted them yet...



And as if to complement the change in colours, the honesty has sprung up again - this one bravely on the edge of the grass again taunting MOH and his lawnmower.

self-seeded honesty

On the patio, the pansies in the pots are flowering and a few of the tulips are out already. The mini-daffodils and the heather have had their time and are making way for the sky-blue-pink phase.

tulips and pansies

And you know what that means don't you? It means that the blue flowering ceanothus and wisteria can't be too far away... Yay!