My week this week: Weather

An obvious choice maybe, but we've definitely seen some weather this week haven't we?


 On Sunday it was the London Marathon and the Blue start - the one with the wheelchairs, elite runners and around half of the masses - goes past our front door. So for us marathon day is also "meet the neighbours day" and this year was no different.

The weather was deceptive though and like many times this week, it wasn't as warm as it looked. We usually pop back indoors once the wheelchairs and then the elite women have run past, but this year we were deep in conversation about I've no idea what, so we stayed outside.  By the time we headed back indoors, at least an hour later we were quite cold and needed that full english to recover.

It warmed up a bit though and we spent the afternoon on the allotment clearing a space we'd cleared at least once before earlier in the year. It was then that our weed-off started, with each of us trying to pull the longest weed.  In the end we've no idea who won, but we did pull out some long rooted weeds...

I was hoping to get out into the garden at the weekend too to complete an upcycling project with some chalk spray paint, but thanks to the wind it was not to be. I'll be trying to get that done this weekend so I can share more here next week.

I think it was Tuesday that brought all the weather in a day - there was sun, showers, wind, rain, sleet and snow.  And it was all very odd. I was glad to be in a nice warm office that day.  Let's hope the weather sorts itself out and catches up with where we expect it to be at this time of year soon.

It hasn't been all bad though - I'll admit it could be warmer - but this week was the first week we've managed to get over to the allotment one evening for an hour or so. And it was on that visit that we gave our broad beans some love.  And had another weed-off!

This week has been the week that our grass has had its first cut, so now all of my spray paint circles have now gone.  Our (read MOH's) lawnmower though wasn't apparently up for the job, so when we had our odd job gardener around at the weekend to price some tree work we also booked him in to cut the grass.  It's quite a luxury and while I think MOH could get used to it, it's not something that's going to be a regular occurrence.  Apparently we have to go lawnmower shopping as it needs another cut within seven days... Wish me luck!

How's your week been?

The Reading Residence