My week this week: Work

I've had a busy week this week - and that's been ok, but it's one that's been dominated by work in an interesting, challenging and rewarding way.


I don't often talk about my proper (day) job here and I'm not really going to say much about it today either, but it has been foremost this week.

There's been the project which culminated in an organisation-wide announcement in the middle of the week, the day before had been fraught with issues of the technical kind which hadn't helped calm people's nerves or helped their plans, but was one of those things that can't be helped.

I've been aiming to eat more healthily too and I managed to survive my first fast day in a while - and on a work day too.  I was pleased to see my willpower hadn't completely deserted me!  I failed the second time I tried it as I was just too hungry, but I'll be giving it another go next week.

There's been news of a contract extension, so I'll be continuing my driving commute for another couple of months at least, which is good news.  And today I'm looking forward to heading off to the garden centre for lunch, in what is fast becoming my Friday treat to myself.

So yes, a week filled with work-related things for me this week, but a thoroughly enjoyable one.

How's your week been?

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