The Arc: a green and modern home

It seems ages since I went along to the Ideal Home Show, perhaps because since then I've also been to Grand Designs Live. What that means is I've quite a bit to share with you from both of those shows.

One of the highlights of the Ideal Home Show for me is always a look inside The Houses, and this year was no different. Instead of sharing all of them today I'm just sharing pictures from one of the most unusually shaped houses I've seen there, The Arc.

The Arc at the Ideal Home Show
side on view

It had two levels although I don't seem to have captured both so you can see that clearly - obviously I was going for the arty shots!  The Arc buildings are constructed of individual modules that can be put together in whatever arrangement you choose.

There's door modules, wall and roof modules, window sections and glazed or solid ends. It seems the possibilities are endless, it's also an easy way to enjoy a low-carbon lifestyle.  Each unit is handcrafted using natural and low-impact materials.  They also look pretty funky too.

A curved shower

The interior was styled by items from BoConcept in a neutral palette of greys, white and green and some warmer caramel. I liked the curved shape to the shower, but wondered how practical that would be.

a desk with a view

I liked how there was a multitude of textures, the sleek barrel shaped walls, rugs and throws.  I also think it'd be great to have so much light in a house.

dining with a view too

I'm not so sure about having all those people milling about outside while I'm eating though!

grey corner sofa

The textures continued into the bedroom with a herringbone style quilt. And despite it being a barrel or arc-shaped house, there was still room for a cosy corner.

a cosy corner
circular hide rug

But the one thing that I could quite easily have taken away with me was the rug above, made from hide and sewn into a patchwork round shape it was gorgeous.  The lesson for me from this house was texture, something that I think we could probably all think more about and add into our rooms.  

Sitting here in my kitchen, I'm looking around and seeing mainly shiny surfaces - the gloss kitchen units, the quartz worktop, the glass table and the plastic of my Eames chairs (which I really must show you in more detail) but nothing really textured or softer.  Hmmn, I'll have to work on that I think!

What do you think of the Arc house, is it the type of house you could imagine living in? Or, like me, is there inspiration in the interiors?

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