My week this week: Well-being

It hasn't been a bad week, but it's been one of those where health has been at the top of the agenda so well-being is a good word to sum up my week.


I wrote last week that the tremor seemed to be back and it wasn't just me that had noticed. So I resolved to book a Doctor's appointment for a check-up. After getting through to the surgery on the first attempt (I know - how rare?) I made my appointment and as I was on a roll I made an appointment  for MOH too.  Not just a random appointment, I'd been suggesting and recommending (not nagging) that he should go to the Doctors for a while, so the same day as me seemed as good as any. 

So on Monday morning we both headed off to the Doctors bright and early.  Well, early anyway. What was I thinking of when I made our appointments for 7:20 (his) and 7:30 (mine) on a Monday morning! 

MOH left with a prescription and I left with the anticipated blood test form, but also with a form for an ECG. I wasn't expecting that. The Doctor thought my symptoms could be my hyperactive thyroid making itself known again, but he wanted to be sure. I was to get the tests done and see him again next week.

I decided that Tuesday would be the day for the tests. I set off for the hospital prepared with my book and a bottle of water. Having made numerous visits for blood tests before I knew the phlebotomy drill - to take a ticket before joint the queue at the desk - and this meant my wait was shorter than it could have been.  I found a spot and settled down with my book until my number was up (not literally).

The poor nurse took one look at my vein-less right arm and decided to check if my left was any better - it wasn't, and it never is - so she was stuck with the first one. She did well, and soon I was heading on my way with a ball of cotton wool taped to my arm, which actually hurt more than the needle when I pulled it off later.  

Onto the cardiac department. There were two people there already so I sat down with my book, but no sooner had I read a page I was called. I was sticker-ed up and attached to the machine, and while my heart is beating faster than it should - the palpitations - it's ok. Did you know that a newborn baby's heart beats faster? Me neither, but that's what mine's doing too. Clearly this isn't the diagnosis but I have the report in my bag to take to the Doctors next week. So that's a relief and I left wishing I could have read more of my book...

It's been a tiring week though, I think because the symptoms I have were recognised by the Doctor as real and not just in my head. Well the tremor is pretty real, I know but it's meant it's been ok to slow down a bit. That of course has played havoc with all sorts of things, I haven't read as many blogs as I'd have liked, nor have I really managed to read much more of my book. But I'll catch up. This week it's been about listening to my body, snoozing a bit and accepting my thyroid could be misbehaving again. 

And if all that wasn't enough, tomorrow I'm off to the Opticians for an eye test and contact lens check. It's good timing actually, as they'll be able to check my eyes for any thyroid induced changes too. 


Hopefully I'll pass my own MOT! 



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