My week this week: Confirmation

I can't believe it's already Friday afternoon, the week seems to have rushed by.  For a while I was stumped on choosing a word but in the end I settled for confirmation, as it's a word that's wide enough to cover different aspects of the week.


The big news for me this week came early on Wednesday with another crack-of-dawn doctor's appointment. Almost before I'd sat down the doctor confirmed my troublesome thyroid had got itself all hyperactive again.  It was what I'd expected and was good and bad news. Good news because the cause of my symptoms have been identified, but bad because, well, because it's back. There was a fifty percent chance of a relapse so the odds weren't great. 

So I'm back on the thyroid tablets and need to have an ultrasound; I'm also waiting for confirmation of my endocrinologist's appointment. In the meantime I'll be having regular blood tests to monitor my levels and trying to avoid my arm looking like a pincushion.  

I have my Blogcamp ticket printed and ready to go - actually, I have several of them printed as each time I get a reminder I print one. Hopefully I'll manage to take at least one of them with me to Birmingham tomorrow! I'm looking forward to meeting bloggers in real life that up until now I've only met online. 

We spent some time digging over at the allotment last weekend, and my seedlings don't seem to be going down any.  I'm sure they're multiplying, and I haven't sown any courgette or squash seedlings yet.  As fast as we're digging and clearing space I'm filling it with seedlings. And MOH is convinced we've grown too much already, but I think he needs to dig faster!

The final things on my list are chair-related.  We've finally sorted out the drama around our new dining room chairs and I'm happy with the outcome although for chairs ordered in January, it's taken a while to get here.  I will share more about the chairs soon and hopefully by the end of the month but for the time being we're just going to enjoy them.

In better chair-news, following our visit to Grand Designs at the start of the month we ordered an outside sofa.  We plan to use it in our conservatory though, and the good news is that it arrived this week.  I know, it was a very quick delivery.  It's currently still in the box in the conservatory as we've some stuff to get rid off first.

So quite a week.  How was your week?

The Reading Residence