A calm coastal bedroom

So far you've seen the kitchen and bathroom room sets from this year's Ideal Home Show, and today we're moving into the bedroom.  It seemed the obvious choice to me, because after a bath I'm always ready for bed.  

This bedroom was billed as coastal bedroom, but I think it's one of the calmest bedrooms I've seen in a while.  And there's more detail than you first think, look at the texture in the wallpaper above the picture rail.

a coastal bedroom roomset

I didn't notice that to start with, all my attention was on those drawers - aren't they fantastic.  A simple and classic design, and very well done. The hanging shelf with its three items also works well, as do the collections of threes on top of the drawers.  The blue with this colour is I think a winning combination.

There was texture throughout this room, just look at the carpet.  And the ceiling light.  Yes feathers.  Actually, we saw lots of those, and while I like the texture it brings, another part of me thinks how much dust it would catch!

goodhomes roomsets 2016

There's a few too many cushions on the bed for me, but I do like how they pick out the colours of the feature wall.  And so do the blankets on top of the wardrobe to.  There's texture again on the bed, as well as the velvet cushions there's the weave cushion and edging to the throw.  It's a room I'd be very happy to sleep in (not at the exhibition though, obviously!)

a comfy bed

The feature wall makes this bedroom something special. When I saw it, it reminded me of the bathroom from last year's room sets.  But looking back it's quite different.  This is softer and more subtle, and for me adds to the calmness of the room.

jute basket

The textures continued - the large knit rug at the end of the bed and the storage basket - it makes you realise how much texture can add to a room doesn't it?  And lastly, there was a shell chair - on its own, I wouldn't go for it, but in this room it fitted in perfectly. Funny how that happens isn't it.

shell-shaped chair
a coastal bedroom goodhomes roomsets 2015

So yes, this is a bedroom I'd be very happy to have - I don't necessarily see the coastal them, but I do think it's somewhere to relax and be calm. What do you think?