My week this week: Multifarious

Yes it's been a week with a lot going on, but none of which seems to have a common factor. I considered mixed to sum up the week but thought I could do better than that. So with the aid of a thesaurus I came up with multifarious, which fits nicely as its definition is "having many varied parts or aspects".


The week started very early for me last Saturday morning as I left the house just after 6.30am to get to Euston for my 8.03 train to Birmingham and BlogCamp. It was a great day, I learnt some blogging stuff (there's some Pinterest tips here if you're interested) and more importantly I met up with some blogging friends, some of whom I'd met before, others it was for the first time.

It was lovely to see Mel from Le Coin de Mel, Caro from The Twinkle Diaries, Jess from Mummy of Boy Girl Twins, Jocelyn from The Reading Residence, Angela from Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me, Tracey from Mummyshire and many many more.

Sunday saw us digging at the allotment, still trying to dig as much as we can so we can plant as much as we can out before we head to France. Neither of us had much energy but we made some progress and the sunflowers and sweetcorn were planted out.

I'd spotted on another plot the sweetcorn seedlings had a half a four-pint milk bottle collar around them; having just lost the majority of my spinach seedlings to slippery little munchers I thought this might be a good idea. But without any empty milk bottles I got creative and cut the bottom off some of the flimsier plant pots I had there. 

We added plant pots with the bottom removed as collars around the sweetcorn seedlings to help protect them from the slugs and snails.  So far it's working

It looks pretty odd, but if it works then who cares. When I checked this evening they were doing fine, but I've lost some more spinach. Hmmn. 

On Monday driving home someone rolled back into the front of my car as I was sitting at the traffic lights on the A20 in Mottingham.  To start with I thought he was just doing that roll back thing that some people do before they pull off, but he came on coming. After my initial pause I bibbed him six times but that didn't work, he preferred to use my car to stop his roll...

He did immediately pull over, so there we were on the side of the A20 looking at cars and swapping contact details. Thankfully there was no damage to either car and he had the cheek to say it was on a gradient so I shouldn't have been so close to him. I think perhaps my face persuaded him not to continue with that one and I resisted the strong urge to remind him what a handbrake is for.

And no he wasn't old, he was probably in his thirties.

On Tuesday I worked at home while my car had its MOT, and boy was I glad I did. That was the day that South London came to a standstill while the Blackwall Tunnel was shut and resurfaced following damage early that morning.  If I'd have driven to work I wouldn't have had time to plant up my orange and white patio pots.

On Wednesday I woke up with a cold. Or rather I didn't wake up, MOH woke me just before 8. I tried to get out of bed but could hardly move - how can a cold arrive that quickly? Needless to say I didn't go to work but instead phoned the doctors concerned it might be thyroid-related or a side-effect of one of the tablets I'm on.  My appointment was less than half an hour after I'd phoned them.  I really am on a roll with the doctors now aren't I?

The doctor didn't think it was thyroid-related but to be sure he sent me off to the hospital for a blood test. It really wasn't the right time to go, I was there almost three hours and finally got home again just after 1pm and headed straight back to bed.

As usual my veins were hiding and the nurse took three attempts to draw blood, so now I'm sporting a rather (un)attractive bruise on my right arm, which I hope will heal before my next blood test on Wednesday.

So it's Friday today and I've been back at work - the cold is still lingering, yes mum I have some Buttercup. Not that one a new one, but it's still Buttercup - and I'm looking forward to the weekend. As usual it's a relatively busy one, we're out tomorrow helping a friend celebrate retirement, it's my birthday on Sunday and we're hoping to head out on the bikes and of course at some point there'll be more digging!

Have lovely long weekends everyone!



PS I'm not linking up to Word of the Week and Five on Friday this week, as I don't think I'll have time to read other people's posts.