The tremor seems to be back...

I noticed it a few weeks ago and thought perhaps I was imagining it, so thought nothing more of it. But then there were a few palpitations too, which couldn't be excused by walking up the stairs at work quickly or a cycling up (what I call) a hill. And I resolved to make a doctor's appointment as ignoring it wasn't working.

Of course, so far I haven't and it hasn't gone away of its own accord. But now I will.

It's been a while since I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and hyper-thyroidism at the end of 2012 and I'd hoped it'd had gone. With regular blood tests and daily medication it was managed and my TS4 and TS3 were brought back into the normal range. There was a chance that it would return after the medication had stabilised it and as you'd expect I've got a spreadsheet charting its progress. Well I wouldn't be me if I didn't!

Recently though I started to notice it. I noticed it in the photos I took with my phone, they seemed more blurry than before, or some of them at least and cleaning the lens - well it was worth a try - didn't make them any better.  I've noticed it too when I'm hungry, because then it gets worse.

It's funny though, I didn't notice these in 2012 or before and it took quite a bit before I went to the doctors, and then for another reason entirely. Luckily there were enough symptoms for my doctor to suspect my thyroid and to send me straight to the hospital on New Year's Eve for a blood test gone 5pm, yes you can imagine how popular we were when we arrived.

At Grand Designs Live this weekend it was noticeable again and not just by me. As we sat down to enjoy our hot dogs and half-pint of for me Meantime Yakima Red and for MOH a Meantime Pale Ale, MOH could easily see the tremor.  

And true to form the first photos I took were blurry, see what I mean: 



Yesterday too while making some coffee it was there again and after asking if I was putting it on, MOH likened me to Mrs Overall. Clearly there's nothing wrong with Mrs Overall - she's a very funny lady - but let's be honest it's not something I'm aspiring too right now.

So this week I'll be joining the telephone queue at the doctor's surgery in search of an appointment to find out if it's really back and what that means.  No doubt there'll be blood tests to check what's going on with my TS4, TS3 and TSH. Hopefully that won't be off the scale like it was in 2012 and hopefully the tremor will stop for good with treatment this time, if it is really back.

I'll let you know how it goes.