A Meadow dining room

Now this dining room was one I was interested in, it's another roomset at this year's Ideal Home Show and there's plenty of my favourite zingy yellow.  There's florals too and some sage greens, there's also a peachy-pink wall, which is a colour I wouldn't have naturally paired with the yellow. But it works.

a glimpse of the storage units

The eye catching feature of the room is the open-shelved storage unit, with it's wallpapered sections.  What I like about this is the mix and match feel the wallpapers have, and that as well as papering the back of the unit, the sides, bottom and top are also covered.

Looking to the other side of the room with the peachy-pink wall, the room has an entirely different feel.  One that's much cooler, but no less interesting and the pale Scandi-type furniture go well.

a meadow dining room
a sideboard

As your eye moves down past the table there's another zing of yellow with a bold patterned rug, which I love and I think ties the two parts of the room together. I'd love a rug like this, as rugs are a good way to zone areas and to add a pop of colour.

a statement rug

In the corner of the room there was an Ercol love bench which complements the table and chairs.  But it was the wooden bowls and the tray that really caught my eye - aren't they gorgeous?

wooden bowls
decorated storage unit close up

And stepping back I managed to capture both elements of the room in one shot.  

a meadow dining room goodhomes roomsets 2016

There's definitely elements of this room I'd replicate at home, perhaps not now but in the future.  What do you think of the room?