My week this week: Outside

Well I think my post last week about the weather seemed to do the job, hasn't this week been glorious?  And given the change in weather, this week I've been trying to spend as much time as I can outside!


On Saturday we took turns being out of the house as I was waiting for a parcel to be collected, and the timeslot given was the oh-so-helpful 8am-8pm. Thankfully it was collected around one o'clock and during that time I managed to pop out and collect some parcels from the Post Office. I realised that it was the first time I'd been out on my bike since we came back from our 3 Counties cycle, which equally as shocking was a month ago.

Sunday we went to the Grand Designs Live show on at Excel and while we weren't outside that much, we did pick up some inspiration for our conservatory project (currently scheduled for next year) and for some conservatory furniture. MOH was keen on something rattan, but (and sorry if you love it) it's something I loathe. We looked at every type of rattan furniture and I wasn't convinced, but I did see something that I did like and we might be ordering that soon.

After being inside for most of the day, we managed to escape to the allotment for some more weeding. I also got to plant my onions out. I planted some red ones which I'd started off in a seed tray in the greenhouse so I could avoid those pesky birds helping themselves.

I also managed to get that upcycling project done. The one that had been delayed by the wind and I'm really pleased with how my sewing box turned out.  The chalk paint spray was easy to use and I spent a lot of the weekend looking for new things to spray and MOH was also roped in to source new items, but as yet to no avail.

I did manage to spray the grass at one point, but I'm sure it'll recover!  The colours were very similar to some we already have in the house and I couldn't have chosen better.  I can see this being a really useful addition to my craft room.

On Monday we were once again indoors but this time because we were having some tree work done and the gardeners were in and out and taking over much of the garden. Our laurel tree was give a severe cut and all that was cut seemed to expand and fill most of the garden!  

Once they were done we headed out on our bikes for a Bank Holiday cycle - and with it being a Bank Holiday, there was of course rain. But thankfully we were home before it got too heavy! For ages I've been saying to MOH that I wanted to cycle to the Olympic Park, and we almost got there!

How's your week been?


PS Remember that bit of paper I lost a few weeks back? It turned up midweek and in none of the places I'd looked in before. And of course I found it when I was looking for something else, which was where I expected it to be. Phew.

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