Five of my favourite craft posts

After thinking about my favourite hedges last week I got thinking about all the crafts I've shared here. For someone that only got back into crafting at the start of 2014 there's more than I expected. Today I'm sharing five of my favourites.

1. Cute Triangle pouches

These pouches were my first attempt at sewing anything useful for quite a while. I'd bought some fabric on a visit to the V&A but hadn't used it. So when I finally bought some small zips I knew what I was going to make.  

And there's two because I made one for my mum, as a surprise.  And quite a surprise for her for me to make something as a gift.  I've since made more and filled them with sweets on the Christmas tree. They were quite popular too!


2. Gift bows from magazines

The simplicity of this one amazed me. I grew up in the Seventies when these kind of bows where on presents everywhere. I know you can still get them but somehow they went off my radar.  But they're back and I think I like the handmade upcycled magazine versions even more.


3. Bleached pine cones

This is one that's not for the impatient. Or the unorganised.  But despite being both of those I tried it anyway. For the price of a bottle of bleach I got some pretty pine cones - and clean bricks in the garden too!


4. Rolled paper shapes for cards

Another use for those old magazines - something I've plenty of. At the time there were lots of rolled paper items around so I thought I'd get in on the act.  I used my new die cutting machine and the result was squashed rolled paper shapes, but an effect I loved even more than the rolled paper shapes.  I need to do these again soon I think.


5. My new tote bag

Yes more sewing, and this is a recent project too.  When I agreed to make this bag I only hoped it would turn out as well as it did. I'm itching to make some more of these style bags, but goodness knows what I'll do with them.  It's not exactly the kind of bag I could send MOH to the shops with is it?


So there you go, my five favourite craft posts - did I include your favourite?

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