Making an Anniversary card

This year MOH and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary while we were away cycling in the Loire. As space was at a premium we decided to leave swapping cards until we were home. That way not only were we saving space and weight - not much admittedly, but it meant that the cards wouldn't get damaged either.

So now we're home I wanted to share the card I made with supplies provided by Create and Craft TV, who broadcast on Sky and Freeview as well as online. You can see what's on in their TV schedule.

So back to the card.  The card blanks were fancier than I usually use and that meant I needed to adapt my card making. My bold simple blocks of cards which I usually default too, didn't really fit with these shaped blanks.

Pretty edges on the card blanks

I used the ribbon as my inspiration, the brown and pink colours reminded me of the colour theme at our wedding. I knew though that this significance would be lost on MOH, not because he isn't interested, but because he genuinely hasn't retained that information.

laying out the ribbon

I decided to use the ribbon as decoration and cut a slit in the fold of the card and threaded the ends through and secured them with washi tape. Although I like the ribbons I wanted something more so I cut a piece of scrapbook paper and inserted that behind the ribbon. It's amazing how much difference it makes.

laying out the front of my card, adding scrapbook paper gave it more depth and interest

Next I added some golden "pearls" on the ribbon and a pretty tag in the bottom right.

Adding embellishments to finish the anniversary card

Next to make it an anniversary card!  That was done by adding a pre-printed message, and so it wasn't quite as white I coloured the background card with a pale brown pencil.  

A homemade anniversary card with ribbon, pearls and scrapbook paper

On reflection it's perhaps not the card MOH would want to receive, but it's perfect for him to send to me. See what a great wife I am!! And to me, it has a feel of an Edwardian Country Lady - what do you think?


* This is a collaborative post with Create and Craft TV, but as usual all words, opinions and creative ideas are my own

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