My week this week: Voice

This week has been dominated by my voice. My croaky voice that is. A week on it's still croaky and my throat's still sore.  I'm hoping that there'll be some warmer weather in France and that will help see it on its way.  Otherwise I'll be forced to drink copious amounts of wine and taste every single type of the region's goats cheese...

Yes it'll be tough, but I've a feeling it'll be worth a shot.


I'm looking forward to getting away though, but there's always so much to do beforehand isn't there?  I've been planning and prepping posts for here and while there'll be posts most days, I'm likely to be spending more time over on Instagram and Facebook, if you don't already follow me there it'd be fab to have you along.

Of course I've still more to do, but I'm hoping there'll be enough time to do things like pack and get around to booking the hotels for our first and last nights.  Yeap, I'd better get onto that hadn't I?

One of the jobs that I must do is sort the greenhouse out and cram as many of my seedlings as I can into the newly dug section of the allotment.  We moved the rhubarb over there in the week and I hadn't expected to be wearing jeans, a jumper and a fleece at the start of June!  

Part of sorting the greenhouse out includes building a chicken wire screen so I can leave the door open and be relatively confident that the fox cubs that are living next door won't get in and trash the place.  Please keep your fingers crossed that it works.

And in health news, my thyroid is beginning to get under control.  My TS3 and TS4 levels are still high but have halved since I started the medication.  That's good news, let's hope it continues to behave.

How's your week been?