A Marine Family room

The last of the room sets from the Ideal Home Show  is this family room which has been designed for the whole household to use. It's bolder than you might imagine, with bold shades of teal and pops of red and yellow.  There's plenty going on too, so there really is something for everyone.

marine family room

The shelves in the picture above are at a height that everyone can use too - and that chair, it's a very similar colour to my new dining chairs.  I also like the scrabble-like tiles saying to Be Happy. The bright colours are replicated on the sideboard too, and it's like someone has just left them there.

sideboard close-up
Storage and a bean bag

One corner of the room has a desk, another yellow chair and a wire mesh display board and storage. It's a great looking corner isn't it. Add a teal bean bag and an old-fashioned phone and there's yet another spot to sit and enjoy the room.

desk area
small details count

It has a fun approach and looks a great multi-functional room - and I could quite easily see a family in here all doing their own things, but happy together.  Is this something you have in your own house?

room set view of a marine family room