My week this week: Tizzy

Well it's been quite a week and I think tizzy sums up all aspects of it nicely.  Its definition of a dither or nervous, excited or distracted just feels right, plus it's a nice word to say, isn't it? 


Following last Friday's EU referendum results I've been following closely the drama and quite frankly pantomime of UK politics. That sadly is most definitely in a tizzy and had this been in a film or tv drama script, no one would have believed it. In real life I'm struggling to believe quite how we got where we are and I'm still ruing the result and what seems to be its consequences.

More closely to home its been a week where I've spent time catching up on those post-holiday tasks. It hasn't all been piles of washing though as I've found time to start sifting through some photos and have already published our first day of cycling and some effortlessly stylish shabby chic.  

I've also been catching up on blog related things to with posts sharing my anniversary card and my plans for some digital reading on Sunday while MOH cycles 100 miles around Essex. Yes rather him than me too!

We spent last Sunday on the allotment and in the gardening going slightly into gardening overdrive finishing the work we'd planned to at almost eight pm. On the allotment as the broad beans were covered in black flies and snails we picked them all - three and a half kilos of them - and pulled up the plants to add to the compost. That was the most exciting bit, the rest of our time there was spent weeding, as while our plants are growing so are the weeds!

All this busyness has meant an influx of takeaways this week. Ah well, sometimes that's just life isn't it. I think though, with some more organisation next week we'll manage to eat more normally and more healthily.

And my final tizzy moment was last night. I was going to some drinks at a local shop to celebrate their third year and so I thought I'd cycle as since we've been back from holiday I haven't used my bike at all. I was wearing a summery skirt, despite the weather and didn't think too much about cycling in a slightly flared skirt. 

I popped my handbag and a change of shoes into my wicker basket, then thought about it and removed the shoes and added a rain jacket instead and headed off.

I was quite impressed I managed to squeeze all this in and very pleased I had a rethink and included my rain jacket. I hadn't got too far and I thought my bike felt odd. When I got off I realised why, my skirt had got caught in the rear brakes!  Hmmn. With some gentle persuasion and brute force I removed it and freed myself from the bike and continued.  And then it happened again.

Now I've no idea how those pictures of people cycling in long flowing summer dresses work. It most definitely didn't work for me. After the second time I decided I was too far from home to return and try again, so I simply tied a knot in my skirt on the left side so there was less material flapping about. Thankfully that worked, even if it may have looked a little odd!

So yes this week it's all been a bit of tizzy!  How about you?

The Reading Residence