My week this week: Dodge

Yes dodge, in years gone by - my netballing ones - I'd've been pleased to have this as the word to represent my week, as it would have meant I'd been showing great prowess around the court. Sadly though my netballing days are a good few years behind me, so it's not that.


Mostly this week I've been dodging the rain like many of you. Sometimes successfully, but not always. I was due to visit a local office by bike on Tuesday but that didn't happen in that rain, and I've said before but it's amazed me how much it's rained at 1pm and 5pm this week. Hmmm.

The rain has also meant no barbecues this week and no evening allotment visits. Not to water my veg, I think they've had plenty of rain but I'd hoped to feed my tomatoes. So that's a job that's moving to the weekend, keep your fingers crossed!

As well as rain this week I seem to have been dodging housework. That could be a plus I guess, depending on your view point. Maybe I just have too much on my list to do this week which is why I feel I'm not making any progress. Can you guess what else I might be doing this weekend?

I didn't get to write a weekly post last week, that's partly because we had something decidedly dodgy going on here. We were woken in the early hours by a knock on our back door. It took us a while to work out what it was as well, it's not somewhere we expect people to knock. 

When we investigated, from upstairs at first we spotted someone in our neighbour's garden with a searchlight. We headed downstairs to investigate further, still from inside the house, and noticed that our other neighbours fence had collapsed. Seeing no further activity, we checked everything was locked, locked some internal doors and went back to bed. And eventually back to sleep. 

The next day I learnt more by talking to neighbours. One had seen a person with a searchlight in our garden and seen him scramble over the eight foot fence. Later in the day two neighbours from two and three doors up stopped by. They too had had damage overnight and one had more information of a police chase through our back gardens. The police later confirmed it was them we saw in the gardens with the searchlight, which was reassuring, and that they'd caught their suspect. 





And that left us to patch up next door's fence until they can get it more permanently fixed. I'm quite proud of how resourceful we'd been with that.

So quite a week, hopefully yours was less dramatic?

The Reading Residence