My week this week: Colour

Ah, what a difference a week makes hey?  And although it's been a tad on the warm side, it's been great!  It seems our weather is acting a bit like a stroppy teenager, going from extreme to extreme with no middle ground.  But I have to say I much prefer the warmer side of the scale, don't you?

When I sat down to think about what word I'd choose to sum up this week, my first thoughts were outside because I've spent a lot of time outdoors this week. Whether it's been over at the allotment, in the garden or finding a spot outside for lunches. But then when I thought again, colour was a less obvious choice but one that immediately felt right.

At the allotment I managed to plant some celeriac and the squashes and finally all of the tomatoes have been fed.  There is still more weeding to do, and I think I'll write that every time I mention the plot, but we are making progress even if it doesn't feel that way all of the time. We picked luscious red raspberries and dug up some purple potatoes for tea. So even our produce is colourful!

I also picked the first of what I hope will be many, bunches of sweet peas.  When I picked them there was a mix of blues, pinks and purples, but overnight in their jam jar of water they'd all turned purple.  I think that probably says quite a bit about our water here! But they were still pretty whatever colour they fancied being!

We've used the barbecue every night too. It's been lovely to be outside and enjoying the warmer weather late into the evening. We're getting more adventurous with what we cook on there too - I find that happens the more we use it.  There has been burgers and sausages this week, but there's also been a spatchcocked chicken and these spicy pork kebabs.

The downside of spending evenings in the garden though is that my blogging routine has suffered, so if this weather continues I'll have to work out a new plan.

I've also been wearing a lot of colour this week. There's been pinks, greens, blues, yellows although not all of them at the same time. I wear a lot of colour anyway, but this week I think lots more people have been wearing more summery colours. Actually even as I sit here typing this I'm in a colour combination that my eldest niece inspired. When she started dancing she wanted pink and purple dancing attire, and today I'm wearing a purple crinkly skirt with a cerise top.

At the time we thought her colour matching, shall we say bold but perhaps she was just ahead of her time.  And just to finish the look I have yellow flip flops.  Colour, it's the way forward...

The last colourful snippet I'm sharing is of my garden table set up ready for tomorrow's post - do pop back - and yes, you can see why colour is a good word for me this week!

A colourful garden table

How's your week been?

The Reading Residence