My week this week: Citrus

This week there's been a theme I didn't realise until I sat down to write this post, and that's citrus. And as it's a word I quite like saying, I'm sticking with it!

We spent the weekend in Norfolk celebrating dad's birthday, and as usual brought some fish home which meant some lovely sea bream for the barbecue Monday evening. Cooked simply, stuffed with rosemary and lemon it was great. I'm looking forward to the mackerel and the crab which we also brought back and is ready and waiting in the freezer for the right moment.

Eating dinner Monday evening though, MOH got even more bites from before. And he'd already been suffering. We have a lot of midges in the garden this year, and on the patio too. He was bitten so much that there was almost a ring of bites around his ankle, swollen too. If you've got some failsafe tips for avoiding bites, please let me know.

The next day I popped to the garden centre to pick up some citronella candles. I bought some of those flares, lots of tea lights and a citronella and basil flavoured candle in a jar. And of course since then we've only spent one evening in the garden. Typical.

Citronella and Basil

While I was at the garden centre I also spotted a small square side table that would be just the thing for our drinks when we use the sun loungers in the garden. The colours didn't match our pink (mine) and blue (MOH's) loungers so I opted for a completely different colour and left with a lime green folding table.  It folds flat for storage too, which means it'll easily fit in the shed over winter. I told you last week that I liked colour didn't I?

The folding table opened
The folding table folded for easy storage

There's been more shopping too. I've bought a new pannier bag for my bike. It's one of those lovely Orla Kiely ones, and is gorgeous. Originally I planned to go for the blue patterned version to match my new bell, seat cover and water bottle (a birthday present) but as they were out of stock I had a change of plan. 

My Orla Kiely leaf patterned pannier bag

Like MOH you might be wondering why I need this. Well it's different to the functional panniers we took on holiday.  They're slightly larger and very good for carrying lots of clothes and for keeping them dry, but it's hard to find anything in them as mine don't have any internal or external pockets.

My new pannier has lots of pockets, both on the inside and on the outside too. The bits that attach to the bike can also be covered up when the bag's off the bike, so that will make it easier to carry. And I've a definite plan for when I'll use them, which I hope to share more of soon.  So I absolutely needed this pannier.  MOH was left muttering "another bag" but hey ho!

And to complete the week, I plan to cook a pound cake based around a lemon drizzle recipe. I've a mixture of citrus fruit so it's most likely to be more of a orange and lemon drizzle cake.  It's ok, I'll save you a slice...