A patchwork bread bag

Last week, just before all the digging and skip filling got underway I took advantage of having to wait in for collections, rather than deliveries with an impromptu sewing session. I've been meaning to make myself a patchwork bread bag for quite a while, remember them in this post of Portuguese food? 

Yes a while back. But what better timing seeing as though I'd made a loaf the day before.

I had some fabric in mind and a rough idea of what I wanted to do.  As I laid the fabric out I realised I needed to find a bit more, and managed to find some more that matched well. The white with blue stripes is an old work shirt of mine I cut up to use for scrap projects. And MOH said I'd never use it...

I knew that I wanted to line the bag, as my sourdoughs can be quite floury. And then inspiration struck. I'd use an old tea towel. Well not that old, but old enough that we only ever use it to wrap bread in rather than to dry up. You know the sort, too good to throw away, but too old to be out on display!



The only thing about sewing that I'm not so keen on is all the pressing of the seams. But I know it has to be done - and here's proof I did it.

The patchwork element of the bag

The seam matching isn't perfect - quite a few match, some are close and some are way off - but that's part of its charm, right? Ahem.

So how did it turn out?

Not too bad. I added ribbon as a drawstring instead of cord and that works. I think though there's too much fabric to draw together easily, so for the next one I make I'd leave out the lining for that bit. Not quite sure how I'll do that yet, but I'm sure I'll work it out. I've got another tea towel lined up for the lining too, so I've got to give it a go and have a spare for when this one is in the wash, won't I?

The finished bag
A peek at the tea towel lining - and my loaf
The bread's in the bag - and looking way prettier than any plastic bag I know

Overall I'm pleased with it, and it's the prettiest bread storage I've had since that holiday in Portugal a couple of years ago. Pretty and functional, and you can't say fairer than that.

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