My week this week: Steps

Not the pop group Steps*, but actual steps. With my feet. And every day.

This week for the first time, I think ever, I've walked over 10,000 steps every day. And that's quite a lot. Infact with today's steps this week my average step count is over 10,000 too, which I'm quite chuffed about.

It's been made relatively easy though as I've started my new job in Greenwich, which is half an hour's walk away. My new commute, if you can call it that, takes me through one of my happy places too - Greenwich Park.  

My new route, if I had to give you directions would be: go to Greenwich Park, take a right at the large tree next to the banana plants and walk across the grass to the path downhill and keep going.

In preparation for the walking commute I'd bought some new sandals that supported my feet and I could walk in. And they worked well, I even did a test walk. But with the heat we've had this week they did rub a little so I only managed to wear them for three days. I had a day off from them to recover and today it was shoes incase it rained, so they've done ok.

My legs though have ached a bit. Not surprising really when you think that before my daily average was probably nearer 2,000 steps. 

I've read an article this week, in Good Housekeeping, I think about someone who upped their step count to 10,000 steps. Like me, their legs ached and the advice they sought was to build up to 10,000 steps gradually. Which makes sense, but not entirely practical for me as building this up might just have left me stranded in the park! The alternative would have been to get the bus home. But that would have meant, well, getting the bus home and some patience. It's the time of year when buses are on a go slow as there's no traffic and not being one big on patience, I think that would have done me in more.

My advice though is to build it up gradually if you can, as aching shins isn't good. They're a lot better today so I think I'm getting there (and back) and now I can do that thing where you try to race unsuspecting people in front of you, and try to beat my time. Not that I'm competitive at all...

There was another similarity in the article I read too, and that's to walk 10,000 steps a day means walking for about 60-90 minutes a day. So if you're not walking to work like me, that's quite some time to find so it's not surprising that many people don't get close. I mean, I didn't get anywhere near it when I had a driving commute.  But it was interesting to read that article one lunchtime this week, of all weeks.  And after six weeks not only did they feel fitter and had lost weight, there was also better muscle toning too, so I'm looking forward to that!

I will at some point cycle to work, if not every day at least some days. But first I want to get myself sorted. Actually cycling will be quicker as it's all downhill, coming home though not so much!

Lunches this week have been in and around Greenwich. There's been sitting in the sun in both the National Maritime Museum and Old Royal Naval College grounds. There's been some sitting in the shade too and admiring, randomly a whole fleet of Rolls Royces. 

So steps has definitely been the word to sum up my week. And in summary, the job's going well, but the legs are still getting used to it!

I didn't write a My week this week post last week, there just didn't seem to be time. We had a skip and were doing some work in the garden. And last week my word would most definitely have been TRUGS as we carried almost 75 of them through the house to the skip. A busy, tiring, but yet productive week - there's still more to do before I'll call it finished though, thankfully not any more digging!

How's your week been?

The Reading Residence

* Although if you played their version of Tragedy, I'd probably (definitely) do the moves!