The Garden of the Apprentices

It's very green, has lots of hedges and yes, I loved it! Oh and by the way we're still on the Cheverny bit of our Loire trip, but this is the last post from there - and well, I couldn't not show you the hedges, could I?

This was our view as we left the chateau, with the lawn cutting going on on our right we were met with this view. I don't think it's one you could tire of. Unless you were in charge of cutting the hedges here, then it might turn into the stuff of your nightmares!

Leaving the chateau heading towards the Orangerie at Cheverny

This is the Garden of the Apprentices and I tell you I wouldn't want to be an apprentice that got a bit over enthusiastic clipping here, would you? 

A large spherical shape
And pointed shapes too bending around the curve

Many people would just walk through this garden, but I loved it. I loved its greenness, the textures and the shapes and shadows with just a few plants. I find the topiary we have - three box balls and a triangular yew tree - therapeutic to cut and snip. But here, I wonder if it might just be another job to do, or if it really is a labour of love?

It's green, but it's not boring

There's certainly lots to cut and keep under control. And as this photo shows layer upon layer of green, and texture, and interest. And a bench. Even the apprentices must need a seat every now and then.

A tree with a bench
And a fountain too

There was work going on during our visit - you can just peek the machinery at the end of this magnificent arch - and this path was closed. We were diverted around this and so got to view it from the side. Something I suspect we wouldn't have done, had the path through it been open.

An ornate archway leading to the Orangerie
our view from the side

But it certainly gave us a different view of the iron structure and the plants clambering across it, which I think were wisteria. Now wouldn't that be something to experience when it was in full flower? Especially with the alliums along the edge picking out the colour. Sadly no wisteria on our visit, but we were able to enjoy the allium border.

An allium border

And before we knew it we were at the Orangerie - now a cafe - so we sat a while and enjoyed the view. And watching people trying to walk down through the arch *completely innocently* before being turned back and made to observe the closed path signs. He he, people watching is still one of the best things to do wherever you are!

Enjoying a seat and a view at the Orangerie