The rooftops of Blois

There's something about rooftops. Something that makes you look, or makes me look anyway. I think it's the shapes they make, and the maze of chimneys and the patina of the tiles. And that's before I start to imagine what life under each rooftop might be like. Yes, I could look at rooftops for quite a while.

Looking at the rooftops of Blois from the chateau

In Blois I got to do just that as we neared the end of our visit to the Royal Palais du Blois - you haven't missed that post, I'm starting at the end. Not very logical I know, but I'm putting it down to the lure of the rooftops.  I mean, just look at the church below, and you'll see what I mean.

Often looking across the rooftops you'll spot a church

Angles galore, as well as a round bit. And the house on the left of the picture with two windows at the front in the mansard roof, with the triangular section above - now, do you think that one room, or more? I'm sure it'd be fabulously decorated too, or perhaps just an attic crammed with a family's history. Who knows. 

snippets of daily life

This has to be, I think one of the quirkiest roof shapes. I've no idea how the lower triangular roof works, but it made for a great shot.  

And quirky roofs too

In the picture below you can make out the bridge over the Loire, roughly in the middle, with its arches.  

Rooftops in front of and beyond the bridge

And as I turned I caught the spire of the chapel through the trees. 

The chapel spire through the trees

Moving from out of the tree it was easier to see the detail of the spire, although with the sun shining brightly my shot has more of a silhouette feel to it. But it shows it off rather well, look at the shadow of the detail on the ridge too.  

looking into the sun

And a final roof, where in fact the roof while quite chateau-like, isn't what caught my eye. The gold monsters roared out of the windows at the Museum of Magic encouraging people in. Or in our case to stop and admire them and then hurry past!

the museum of magic in blois

So, are you a rooftop admirer?