A stay clean orange scrubber

Yes, that's what I thought too. You're thinking that's too good to be true right? It's what I was thought when Kuhn Rikon sent me one of their stay clean scrubbers, that and how it reminded me of sticklebricks!

Image credit: Kuhn Rikon

Image credit: Kuhn Rikon

It was much less like a sticklebrick when it arrived though. It's made of silicone which gives it a soft, flexible feel, which is just what you want from something you'll be using on your pots and pans. And I didn't mind the orange either, although if that's not your colour it's also available in white, red, blue and green.

It claims that you'll have no more smelly sponges, and let's be fair sponges can get pretty smelly which is why I don't have one. There's one in the kitchen at work and I can't bear to touch it to move it out of the sink, let alone use it anywhere near my mug. Kuhn Rikon say because silicone dries faster it doesn't harbour the bacteria, like a normal sponge does. And to give it a thorough clean you can just pop it into the microwave. Being silicone it's also dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 260 degrees C.

So how did I get on?

Well, all in the name of research you understand I'd managed to burn something on my frying pan. I can't remember what, but it wasn't shifting and it seemed just the thing to try this on. There are apparently over 5000 silicone bristles on each scrubber - I took them at their word for this! 

Using the orange scrubber on my frying pan

So I set to work. And shortly after MOH got in on the act too. He is the master cleaner in this house, so it was useful to have his view. And he approved too.

MOH taking over the scrubbing

And now it's firmly positioned in our washing up caddy which lives by the side of the sink. I said before I didn't mind the orange, looking at this caddy it seems I'm not the matching kind of girl I thought I was, more of one that's happy with any colour whether it's lime green, orange or pink - and even the washing up liquid is blue. 

My scrubber by Kuhn Rikon's new home

And I'm already trying to work out if I could borrow it once a week to take to work to give my mug there a proper clean. As carrying a silicone sponge will be way easier than bringing the mug home each time it needs a clean. And when I take it to work - you see, it's already a when - there's no way I'm leaving it by the sink, as I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one impressed by it.

I never realised that silicone could be quite so versatile, but it really seems to be. Who knew.


This is a collaborative post with Kuhn Rikon, but all views are my own.

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