My week this week: Wheels

Not a word I expected to choose but it does sum up my week.

On Sunday it was the London Surrey Ride 100 and this year our day was very different to last year when MOH cycled the hundred miles. This year he was keen to see some of the professional race in person, so I left him to do the research. We planned to head over to Kingston to see them whizz past on their way back into London.

We positioned ourselves in the Marketplace with one eye on the road and the other on the big screen, so we could keep up-to-date with the action.  It didn't quite work out that way as the screen wasn't actually showing the race but a promotional video on loop. I'm not sure if that's what was planned or not, but it's not what we hoped for and wasn't really much use to anyone.

We did see the riders and their entourage come through though, and I was pleased with the pictures I snapped. I was even more pleased to have recognised Geraint Thomas as he rode past a couple of minutes ahead of the chasing pack and the peloton.  

I didn't manage to spot Chris Froome on the day and I can't see him in any of my photos either, so that's a shame, but one of those things.

Monday saw me looking at wheels of another kind. Or a tyre to be precise. For the third time while I was driving one of my tyres went. This time it was the front passenger tyre, which leaves only the rear driver's tyre unchanged. Thankfully I was a slow crawl and limp from Kwik Fit on the A20, so I was able to pull in there. With the car fixed I was on my way but with my purse limping along instead!

I'm not sure if my car knew it was my last week of driving to work or not, but in some ways if it was going to go I was glad it was there. Yesterday I finished my contract in Sidcup and most likely the next time I drive my car it'll be on a longer journey, so it was good to get it out of the way.

I have next week off - keep your fingers crossed for at least dry weather as we've plans to remodel our garden - and the following week I start my new job where I'll occasionally be using wheels of another kind - my bike! Luckily it's a roll down the hill so I won't arrive too hot or red-faced, but as ever the journey home is a different matter. I'm hoping to beat my personal record for that hill in Greenwich Park over the next few months. It's currently four minutes - which I've already cut down from eight minutes - but it still usually involves a stop for drink of water  and to regroup part-way up the hill!.

We've also had some allotment success this week, which isn't wheel related at all, but I'm still going to share it. We've picked and eaten runner beans, chard, potatoes and raspberries. There's more to come of all of these, which I'm looking forward to. We have tomatoes gradually growing and I'm coaxing along some courgettes too. The cauliflowers are out along with some climbing and borlotti beans, and our sweetcorn has tassels - which is a good thing!  

How's your week been?


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