Post Comment Love 5-7 August 2016

Hello there and welcome back to Post Comment Love, a friendly linky where you can link any post you've published in the past week. I have six days off in between jobs and lots of plans for that time. Today I've got some time for pottering and shopping, the weekend we'll be getting ready for the circle work in the garden. Monday I'm heading into the City for a couple of lunches with friends and Tuesday the skip arrives. For the rest of the week our focus will be making sure the skip is full of earth and other stuff before it's due to be collected and before other people get the idea of using it for their junk!  

And in all of that we've got to make some repairs to the one of the old compost bins on the allotment as the back fell off and is now blocking the path. When the back fell off most of the earth fell out too, and it was picked up on the plot inspection so it's something we have to get sorted. Our make-do storage bench is almost falling apart too so that needs some TLC, some glue and some bolts!

We've had some successes on the plot though. We're currently picking raspberries, runner beans and chard. I've dug up a lot of potatoes and there's more to come, and I'm keenly watching some courgettes develop. There's tomatoes on the way too and my cucumbers in the greenhouse are tiny, but I do have some cucumbers.

On the plot one evening our plot neighbour appeared clutching three small cucumbers, which she thrust into my hand saying they were for me, well eventually I worked out that's what she meant. I'm not sure what we've done to deserve them - they're similar to the ones in the picture below - and I'm equally unsure how she's managed to grow them to the size they are already, and outside too, but I'm going to enjoy eating them!

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

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