My week this week: Quieter

Yes, it's been a little quieter on here than usual so today I'm acknowledging that and trying to work out if I know why.  Unusually I've only shared a couple of posts aside from this one and I've not read as many blogs, or linked up with as many this week either.

Part of that I'm sure is because of the Bank Holiday and another busy weekend. Somehow having a shorter working week disorientates me, throws my routine and means I'm squeezing more into the four days instead of five, but that's ok. They're not every week, are they. And wasn't it nice to see the sun on an actual Bank Holiday too?

Our busy weekend involved watching a tortuous 1-1 draw at Charlton Athletic on Saturday, a couple of barbeques, a cycle to Maltby Street Market on Sunday and more gardening on the sunny Monday. Although we did manage to get wet on our cycle back - what timing hey? - and I also celebrated knocking eight seconds of my personal best time for cycling up the hill in Greenwich Park. Yay! I knew all that walking would pay off at some point.

In the garden we've started adding the edging to our grass circles and completed the largest circle at the rear of our garden in an afternoon. There's still much more to do, and fitting the edging involves more digging. But at least we can use the soil to backfill the space rather than having to remove it from the garden. We've already discovered our circles aren't the same sort of round as our edging bends to, so there'll be some filling and re-turfing needed too. But we're making progress.

At work this week I've worked in two of our other offices, with both a car and a bus commute thrown in, so that's been an additional change to my routine.  When I've been in my own office there's been lots of introductory meetings as people return from holiday, and it's been fun trying to find my way around the buildings to find them. So I suspect that's also why it's been quieter here, my head is whirling with plans for my new job and all that whirling takes up time and space and energy.

We've family visiting this weekend and there's still plenty to do to prepare for that. I've not managed to tick as many tasks off my list as I'd hoped to yet, but it's getting there. MOH has made ice cream for the dessert and I managed to organise a shopping delivery to fit in with everything else and get a haircut too.

I've still some brioche buns to make, the meat to collect and some cheese to buy. Plus we'll need to tidy up and I've a cushion to make a cover for too. I'm sure we'll get there, and hopefully mostly before they arrive...

I've plans so next week is less quiet, which mainly involves being more organised.  It should be entirely possible to do that and catch up with where I want to be.  And because I want an image in this post and don't seem to have anything from this week that's suitable, I'm including another of my lost photos

This one is from a rainy Ibiza towards the end of the season back in 2010. There'd been a storm the night before and we'd woken to find our patio doors had leaked, and our room was like a little paddling pool. Not the greatest way to start the day, but walking into town we realised it'd been a bad storm as we saw boats on the rocks. This tennis court though had a much calmer feeling to it, and it's  still one of my all time favourite shots, so it's good to have found it again.

How's your week been?