Getting the most out of Readly

Back in June I told you how I was planning some digital reading while MOH cycled around Essex. I probably also told you that his ride went well and the weather was good for my day in Essex too. I spent some time exploring the many gardens of Hyde Hall (and I've probably still some to share from there) and I spent some time in the cafe, in the gardens and later in the field reading my downloaded magazines.

I do love a magazine or two, and usually have a couple of subscriptions on the go and since June  I've been reading a lot more magazines with Readly and so it really is the ideal thing for me. Today I thought I'd share how I've got on with the app, what I've been reading and how I've been getting the most out of it. 

It's true that Readly provided me with a three month free subscription to the app and that's about to expire, but that isn't what's driving this post. I'm sharing my views because I have genuinely found the app useful over the past few months, and just so you know Readly don't know I'm writing this post and nor have I agreed to do so. Right, glad we got that clear.


One of the features that I was keen to try out was profiles. It means that I can share the subscription with family, but still retain my own recently read magazine list. It's often the way I find the magazine I was last reading, as I found if I looked in the section with new arrivals I was easily distracted and never got to the end of any magazine.  I'm being quite disciplined about deleting the magazines I've read from my iPad just in case I run into storage issues, but so far that's not been an issue.

I've currently got three profiles on my account but I understand you can have more than this. It seems a great way of sharing an app, and getting value for money from it. I said before that I didn't think £7.99 per month to read as many magazines as I wanted too was bad at all, now there's three of us reading it's even better value. 



These have been another great help. I read magazines, get inspired and then usually can't remember where I read the recipe that I've bought half to the stuff for. Please tell me it's not just me?  Now I can bookmark the page and as long as I've remembered that I read it in Readly I'm laughing.

And for some reason all my bookmarks appear to be food-related. What's good about the bookmarks is that you can add your own description, so there's an added prompt as to why I've bookmarked the page in the first place.

My bookmarks all seem to be about food!

The one thing I was less keen on was having a growing list of bookmarks. Recently I cooked a menu from one of the Sainsbury's Magazines and while it was good, there'll only be parts of the meal I'll be cooking regularly, so I wanted a digital tidy up. By chance I discovered that if I held my finger down on the image a prompt appeared to delete a bookmark. That made me inordinately happy, but don't worry I didn't delete the cake recipe with the cheesecake middle, because well that seriously has to be tried one day.

Discovering how to delete a bookmark in Readly

What I've been reading

Given the bookmarks above and the pictures I've been sharing from my allotment I doubt you'll be surprised by my current reading habits. Growing stuff and eating stuff seems to be the theme, which probably also sums up my summer. Not a bad summer at all then...

What I've been reading

What's on my list to read

I have ambition though to branch out into more homes and interior magazines and the new arrivals hint at this too. I've made all of the magazines I might ever want to read favourites (that's indicated by the star underneath them) and it emails me when new magazines are available. Like any email prompt, I found this annoying and soon turned it off, the world is full of too many emails already and I'll manage without the prompts just fine.

Maybe that's because I'm already a serial magazine reader, or maybe it's because I like to try and tidy my mailbox (although I'll admit I'm failing on that one right now), but either way it's good to see what's new when I'm in the app.

Just some of my reading list

What Readly recommends

I thought it'd be interesting to show another feature too, which relates to the profiles. Each profile builds up it's own, err profile. So for me Readly has recommended these:

My recommendations

Not bad at all. Essex is where it all started so I did download this magazine back in June. I do like a bit of Devon and Cornwall Life, and they're in my favourites so I'm not surprised to see this one here, or the English Garden come to think of it. I am tempted by the Modern Gardens magazine though, it's not a title I've heard of before and while I think it might be too late for the outdoor room ideas I will most probably take a peek.

For MOH Readly is suggesting these:

MOH's recommendations

Again not bad. The only one that's misplaced for my non-driving husband is Car.

For my mum, the app has recommended these, and I think it's got it spot on. 

M&D recommendations

So there you go, a closer look at Readly and how I've got on with it. 

And the million dollar question...

I bet you're wondering if I will be continuing my subscription when my trial ends.

Well the answer's a big fat resounding yes. I've cancelled one monthly magazine subscription and haven't renewed another and my plan is to read both of these digitally.

I will still subscribe to paper versions of Good Food and Olive as I'm not ready to give up the actual magazines. I think I just have too many of them upstairs to stop right now, but maybe one day, who knows...