My week this week: Back on track

Well actually it's been quite busy - both real busy and in my head busy - and as I haven't written a "my week this week" post for the past fortnight, I'm going to cheat and include those here too.  And actually I'm double cheating because I'm going for a phrase to sum it all up rather than a single word, but hey, that's what feels right.

I realised this week that I will never be completely up-to-date with my to-do list or my reading list, and that's how it is. There will always be more to do, in every aspect of my life and you know, once I realised that, it was ok. It's taken me a few weeks to get there and the in my head busy I mentioned is starting to clear too. A lot of that has been new job related, not in a bad way, but just getting my head around my new environment, starting to put the right plans into place and the small matter of delivering them. 

As I started to write this post in my head as I walked home suddenly my shoulders felt lighter. Actually lighter, and I realised the strap on my in-handbag strawberry bag had broken. Talk about timing. There was very little weight in the bag at the time and it's mend-able which is good as it really is my go-to bag. But it did mean hugging the two bottles of wine I was just about to buy all the way home. Ah well, needs must at times.

I enjoy writing these "my week this week" posts and last week even wrote most of the post but didn't press publish as, well it was all about feet, and I'm not a fan. I mean, clearly they're useful and absolutely necessary, but I find them ugly and much prefer to be a shoe fan instead.

But that week was dominated by feet and feats. I'd returned the sandals I'd bought to walk to work in as after almost a month of wear they were already showing signs of too much wear and tear. I didn't expect there still have sandals available, but my luck was in and I was able to get a refund for the first pair of sandals and replace them with a similar pair that were in the sale for less than half-price. And you've got to love a bargain, well I do anyway. 

The new sandals were soon put to the walk to work test and while comfortable they caused blisters. On the bottom of both of my feet. Ouch. Being the resourceful type I soon had those clever blister plasters covering them and was able to walk home. What I hadn't bargained for was the unbearably hot weather and those blister plasters moving. It wasn't good, as on the walk home they'd somehow slipped and attached my feet to my shoes, right on the blisters. Quite a bit more than ouch was said, along with a few tears.

That night, after a day of thirty degrees plus temperatures the only things I could bear on my feet were my fluffy slippers. And I'm the kind of person that saves those for when it's really cold, so MOH was a little confused when he arrived home.  The next night I was off to a formal awards dinner so that brought a further quandary as fluffy slippers or trainers really weren't an option. In the end I kept it sensible during the day and discovered I could wear some of my strappiest heels relatively easily. Phew.

And remember I said it was a week of feet and feats. Well the feat was my slide down the Orbit sculpture in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Yes, the tallest slide at 178 metres high, and the slide that takes 40 seconds to complete. And I'm the person that's never even been on a water slide before. Well I did it, and it was exhilarating - and quite a feat - but once was enough, thank you! 

The other feat was getting our gardening people to extend our patio again. It's been on the cards for a while, and they are really very good, but when they came back in July they ran out of time with all the tree cutting so we needed to book another date. We've only added an extra row of slabs - and ones that were left over from its original installation - but it already seems a better size. 

So this week I've been getting myself back on track blog-wise too. I've shared more pictures over on Instagram than I have for a while, which has been fun and it's reminded me how much I enjoy the community there. I've joined in with some of my favourite linkys too, which I hadn't made the time for, but I've missed those communities too. Part of my realisation this week is that sadly I can't join as many as I did before, so while there are many linkys that I enjoy I'm afraid I'm going to have to limit those, at least for the time being anyway.

That could be because I've finally treated myself to a new phone, well new to me anyway. I don't need the most up-to-date model, but being an iPhone girl the new release was a good time for me to take a leap towards an iPhone SE. And so far, apart from an annoyance over the delivery, I've been very impressed. I thought I'd miss my iPhone 4 which I've had since 2012, but how quickly we move on and it quite quickly felt clunky and less sophisticated and I did feel a little sorry for it.

Ah well, onwards and upwards as they say!  How's your week been?


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