Post Comment Love 30 Sept - 2 Oct 2016

Hello there, and how is it Friday again so soon?  Welcome back to #PoCoLo, the friendly place to link up any post you've written in the past week that could do with some extra love. This week we've got another fab #BloggerShowcase for you, below you'll find a summary about our blogger and her social links, but for the full story pop over to Morgan's blog.

How's your week been?

I've had a busy one, well the weekend was especially busy. On Saturday we had a night out (I know!) celebrating my Korfball club's seventieth anniversary and I hit the dancefloor. Infact I even persuaded MOH onto to the dancefloor too, but don't tell anyone he danced to S Club, he didn't manage any of the actions to Reach, but one step at a time, hey.  If you've not heard of Korfball before it's a mixed sport, sort of a cross between basketball and netball and great fun. I don't play regularly (well at all) any more, but I do get invited to the parties, which seems a good deal to me.

Sunday was also busy, we started with a ride over to Excel and the Homebuilding and Renovating Show on the cable car. Then we headed up to the London Design Fair in the Old Truman Brewery - a fascinating building and a great show. I took plenty of photos, and have several blog posts coming up on that and we walked a fair way too. We ended our day with a fabulous meal in Dishoom, my first time there and most certainly not my last.

My photo this week is one from Shoreditch where these brightly coloured stacked picnic benches caught my eye. I'm still not sure if they are benches being stored or a modern art installation. But I liked them either way!

Blogger Showcase: Fionnuala from My Kitchen Notebook, Three Sons Later and The Inconspicuous Blog

Yes Fionnuala's a busy lady!  I regularly read Fionnuala's Three Sons Later and marvel at her talent for making things effortlessly chic, and have read her third blog The Inconspicuous Blog as well, but hadn't made the connection until she got in touch. I love the tagline and ethos behind this blog - for the quiet little blogs of the world  - Fionnuala says it's meant as a resource for hobby bloggers to find reassurance and guidance when things get too much and is an alternative to the big bloggers advice. Her original blog, My Kitchen Notebook, is a new-to-me blog and after a quick browse I'm pretty sure I'll be going back to try some of the recipes.

Connect with Fionnuala here

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