Celebrating January with new wine glasses

If you're taking part in Dry January, then I apologise, this probably isn't the post for you. And while I agree it's a great initiative that raises both money and awareness for the charities involved, and brings personal benefits too, it's not something for me. I'm not saying never, just not now.

Part of that reason is because I find January can often be hard anyway, after the social month that precedes it the stark contrast is often already tricky to deal with. This year though the other reason is I've some stunning new wine glasses, which I couldn't wait to use.

I mean, just look.



If they look familiar, then you have seen them here before. They were on the table at the Habitat Supper Club I went to in December. And I was impressed with them then; their modern design, which is delicate enough but yet still angular and chunky enough to stand out. That evening I was pretty sure that MOH would like them too, even though for glassware he's more of a traditionalist, liking fine stemmed glassware. But as we've found out - with a few smashes - the glasses that we use most regularly need to be robust for everyday (or every weekend) use.

I bought the red wine glasses and they are big, only just about fitting into our kitchen cupboard. Their capacity is 54cl, which when ordering online meant very little to me. If you're keen on a more modest sized glass then I think the 31cl white wine glasses would be a good alternative.

And contrary to popular opinion, the larger glasses don't encourage us to drink more. I mean, when the bottle's empty, it's empty, isn't it?

You can enjoy 10% off your first order from Habitat

I left the Supper Club with a voucher from Habitat which I used against my purchase of these glasses and and a set of water glasses in the same range (more on those another day). By using the following link you can enjoy 10% off your first order from Habitat , no strings attached.

What will you buy?


* This is a collaborative post, but all views and opinions are my own.