My top 10 posts of 2016

It's become almost tradition now for me to look at which of my posts were most popular over the past year, and so as I've already looked forward at what this year might bring, I'm now looking back at 2016. Today it's a list of my top ten, well eleven, posts of the year - more on why it's eleven later on. And later in the week I'll share my 2016 in pictures, again most likely in two parts. But as these posts are likely to be of most interest to me, look out for some new posts too.

1. Three of the six show gardens at the Ideal Home Show

This first post was a runaway success, with almost twice as many views as my second most popular post. It's interesting that this is a gardening post, as this reinforces my thoughts that you enjoy my garden-related posts as much as I do. 

This was an April post, and you'll not be surprised to know it was following the Ideal Home Show where I'd spent some time talking to the students who'd created the gardens. It was also where I fell for Corten Steel. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Corten steel planters at the Ideal Home Show

2. My IKEA hack: HOL storage table to laundry basket

This post is a 2015 post, and yes that's why I've stretched my list to eleven this year. It's my top ten performing posts of 2016 and of those created in 2016. This post continues to do well and I suppose that's because everyone likes an Ikea hack. The laundry basket is still in operation, although we have got lazy and mostly the lid stays off now. 

My Ikea hack - now a laundry basket with removable and washable insert

3. Adding the finishing touches to our porch

An interiors project from the start of the year takes third spot, and I think that's largely down to the pigeon shelves. We were glad to get them on the wall, although we did end up with one 'spare' which I quickly repurposed for my craft-room-cum-study.  It's only a very small room, well hardly a room, but sprucing this up has made such a difference.

A snippet of my pigeon shelves in our newly revamped porch

4.  Cycling to the home of the pork pie

In March we packed our panniers and headed off on a three county cycle around Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire just before Easter to test living out of panniers. The pannier testing went well, and the pork pies were pretty good too!

5. I have purple sprouting broccoli

I'm still surprised when vegetables I've grown turn out to look like the vegetables we buy in the shops. This purple sprouting broccoli was, along with the cabbages, the first things we planted on the allotment back in 2015, so it was particularly pleasing that this post did well.

6. Bleaching some pine cones

This is the only craft post in my top ten (eleven) this year, and of all the craft posts I'm glad it's this one. It's one that I think will have longevity too as it's the sort of post that could come into use every winter. It'll be interesting to see how it does this year too.  And if you're trying it, do allow more time than you think you'll need!

7. Lots of inspiring garden projects

This April post was a collaborative post with other bloggers, all with a garden theme. I included my yellow garden chair project, potting on some aloes and scrubbing our garden table, which incidentally will probably need another clean when we unveil it later in the year. But at least now I know it can be done (and how much arm power it takes!)

A peek at my restored metal garden chairs and the cushions I made for them

8. A sculpture in paper

This is another post from March and something like I've never seen before - a gown made from paper flowers. So much detail, so many flowers and much more patience than I ever think I'll have!

9. The buildings of Newark-on-Trent

Another post from our test cycle earlier in the year, this time from the pretty Newark-on-Trent. A town that on our first visit captured our hearts, and one we'd happily visit again, and would I'm sure go out of our way to go to again. 

vintage signs on a building in newark on trent

10. Dining chairs hunted down, and ordered

Our other big house project for 2016 was to finally buy and take delivery of our new dining table and chairs to go with it. Of course, me being me meant that the chairs came from a different place and once we'd settled on the table, just one day in the West End solved the chair riddle. It wasn't entirely plain sailing though as despite ordering them in the January sale, we didn't get them all sorted until May. But we have them and we're very happy with them!

11. In Munich's Englischer Garden

The bonus post that I'm including in this list is one from our 2015 trip to Bavaria. For whatever reason I didn't share photos from our visit to the Englischer Garden until the following year, but I'm glad I did. It's a huge space - among Europe's biggest city parks, and one with its own surfers as well as calming tree lined paths. 

A tree lined path in Munich's large city park, the Englischer Garden

I'm pleased that one of my Munich posts made it onto this list, even though it was right at the end. It also reminded me that I've still some more posts from that trip to share - I know, it seems crazy that I haven't posted them yet - but it's timely as I'm heading off to Munich again this month, so it'd be nice to share more of my first visit to Munich before that.

So once again, my top ten - or eleven - posts from last year continue to amaze me!