My 2016 in photos - part 2 - July to December

Welcome back to the second part of my year in photos, I'm hoping that these posts will be easier for me to recall than the first half of the year, although now I've said that I bet I'll find some surprises along the way.

Earlier in the week I shared my first six months of 2016 in photos, so let's jump straight into July.

One thing I've noticed as I've been looking through the posts for the second half of the year is there's an increase in garden related posts and that pleases me. I'm also in many more of the photos, which I think is a good thing, and you can expect more of both of those this year. 

If you want to know what I'm looking forward to this year, then take a peek at my Looking towards 2017 post, which I surprised myself and published between Christmas and New Year!