A year "going left"

Since my year observing Greenwich Park and getting to know my walk to work in more detail (see: This was was my year in Greenwich Park) I've been looking for what could be my next "observation project." I thought something would present itself and it kind of has, but there were a few contenders along the way. I contemplated switching the whole park for just the Flower Garden, or maybe a spot on the river.

But somehow, neither felt right. And then last week, one lunchtime, suddenly I knew. I could spend the year "going left."

I know that doesn't make sense, but let me explain. Where I work in Greenwich almost every time I leave my office I turn right to head into the centre of Greenwich, but there is so much more in the area. And especially going left out of the office instead. 

And so, for the next year I'm going to share my year "going left." 

I'm not quite sure what it'll bring, and it may be something different each month, but I think it could be fun. It may not work, but I hope it does.  So at the start of every month I'll share my going left adventures, starting with a great new cafe that's recently reopened.

Breakfasts at the Trafalgar Cafe

I popped in for lunch one day and had eggs florentine, I learnt as they've only recently reopened they're just serving breakfasts, but with an extensive breakfast menu that's not a problem. In fact, it felt like a bit of a win.  And there was green stuff too.

Eggs florentine at the Trafalgar Cafe in Greenwich

While I waited for it to arrive I couldn't help check out the decor. And it was then that my idea started to form.

Greys, metals, mesh and wood decor in the Trafalgar cafe in Greenwich

I love the decor, these lights are throughout the cafe which give it a homely feel.

The classic lights with copper interiors looked great too

Tea arrives in a mug, with milk on a board and with somewhere to put your tea bag, so that's good. The mix of materials and colours work and are carried through into the serving ware, all give it a modern feel I think.

A mug of tea served on a board at the Trafalgar Cafe in Greenwich

Flowers too - and you can't go wrong with sunflowers - i've also spotted a large vase of lilies too. 



Sunflowers cheering up the newly reopened Trafalgar cafe in Greenwich

To test out my theory and if it was a good spot for lunch, I tried it out the next day too.  This time opting for avocado and poached eggs on toast with some bacon on the side. Again it was good, but I think I preferred the eggs florentine.  Realising I couldn't make this cafe my observation project, because it was likely to morph into "how many eggs could I eat in a year" I used my time there to contemplate if there was enough of interest to spend the year going left.

avocado on toast with poached eggs at the Trafalgar Cafe

I think there is - and I'm sure the cafe will feature again - and it's a good project for me too, as it's right on my office doorstep and over the next few months I plan to share you just how varied and vibrant - and in places undiscovered - this part of Greenwich is.

And I won't be keeping an egg tally...