Reflecting on my week #4

Well the good news is I finally booked my doctors appointment. It's been on my list for a while but never quite making it to the top. Just as well it has though as I've less than a week's worth of my overactive thyroid tablets left. Oops. It means an early start tomorrow but I know I'll be sorted.

Last week was as busy as I thought, and it started with a Monday night out up in town. I was back at Six Storeys in Soho - a great venue if you're in the area - for an evening with Mira Showers.  I'd woken with a bit of a crick in my neck, and couldn't believe my luck when I discovered that head and neck massages were part of the event. The lady giving the massage immediately went to the knotty spot and I felt so much better afterwards, so much so that I'm hoping for a repeat performance.

As well as cocktails and nibbles and learning about the Mira Shower products, I also made some all natural facial scrub and balm. It's not something I've done before and I was pretty sceptical, but my skin was lovely and soft afterwards, so maybe I should be more believing - look out for more from the event here soon.

The darts season has started and that means a night at home on my own - and that's luxury (in a nice way) but last week and this coming week it seems we've been like passing ships. We were both out Monday, he was out Wednesday and I was out Thursday for drinks after work. Those drinks for many involved shots (not for me though!), and so there were some sore heads in the office the next day.

I had a bit of an efficiency kick on the blog and went into overdrive at the start of week managing to post a couple of posts a day catching up with myself as I went. I often start out with grand plans and not quite managing to keep up with myself.  

My other blog success was stumbling across my observation project - a year going left - and as I'd predicted before it was right under my nose. As it's been wet in the mornings I've been walking through the park less on my way to work, and one morning this yellow door caught my eye. 

A yellow door that fuelled my going left project

I've yet to explore inside, but I think with that door it's got to be good right?

My weekend has been mostly relaxing. Saturday was full of the usual chores and housework, but yesterday MOH was out on a bit of a bike ride with friends from work. He clocked up seventy miles along the Kent coast in a long day's cycling and I got to potter around doing just what I wanted. 

Some of that time was spent booking a hotel for Blogcamp on Board this Wednesday, when a hundred or so bloggers will spend the day on the MSC Preziosa at Southampton. Learning from my trip to River Cottage last November, I'm driving there Tuesday evening, but choosing a hotel wasn't such an easy task, and I've gone for the Ibis.

That leaves me four days at work to get everything sorted for my week off. There's still things to do at home for our break too, important things like booking the last hotel and somewhere to park the car. Oh, and some bikes for our trip to the Douro Valley - we've still, just about, got some time I'm sure!