Reflecting on my week #8

A later than usual post after a quiet few days here, but a full few days elsewhere.  I mentioned on Friday that I managed to replace my car, and the new car - a Captur - is lovely to drive. We were in Norfolk this weekend, and despite getting caught in traffic at the Blackwall Tunnel on the way there, and on the M11 on the way back, it was a dream to drive.  

I'm taking it back to the dealership this weekend for a check though as it seems my headlights saga is continuing, albeit in a different car. Driving home in the newly-clocks-put-back-dark I found myself relying on the full beam on roads I know relatively well, and where I rarely use the full beam. Infact I rarely use it at all and so this seemed odd. 

I've a feeling that something's not quite right and given I've had the car less than a week I'm getting it sorted, I hope.  My salesman wasn't there, but I spoke to another, and well let's just say I wouldn't have bought a car from him, because there was nothing he could do. Not even listen or be courteous it seems. 

Before Norfolk though there was a trip into town one evening to the Habitat Light Club. There was plenty of great lights, cocktails and entertainment, including these (or some of them at least) cocktails with flashing ice cube lights. MOH joined me for this event and made full use of the neon specs and bands, but thankfully removed his neon-ness in time for his first Five Guys, which was a huge hit).



I'll share more of the Habitat light range soon, so look out for that.  

In Norfolk there was a small bike ride to complete, just 73 miles, and of course not by me. I was providing support car activities for the start and end of the race, and free to do as I pleased in between! 

And that was mostly with my nose in the second Wildacre trilogy book. I haven't been able to put it down - and with that alongside an already full day, I've been quiet on here. It's that good a story. I've just downloaded the third book, and while I'm racing through them I'm both pleased and slightly despairing that I'm reaching the end.  I'm sure I'll share more of my thoughts here when I'm done, and I'm hoping the story's momentum continues and I'm not left feeling let down by the ending - especially after investing so much time into them!  

Please tell me I'm not the only one to be so immersed in a book that *almost* all other loves fall temporarily by the wayside...