A bird in a cage...

I've been after a bird cage for a while, you know the sort that look pretty but are also impractical. The ones that aren't designed for an actual bird, but to be a stylish decoration. I've looked at them while out with MOH and he looks at me as if I'm mad, and like I'm thinking of getting a budgie or something.

So on a recent visit to Norfolk you can imagine how pleased I was when mum said she'd found me a bird cage, and it was in the hall. And could I feed the bird as it'd kept them awake.  Nervously I headed out there to find this:

A bird in a cage - thankfully both were decorative

Isn't it fab?  And thankfully the bird doesn't take much feeding. 

Mum had spotted the bird cage in a Kings Lynn shop, somewhere I think we need to visit soon, and knowing it was on my wish list brought it home for me.  The detail on the ornate cage is amazing: the top flips off, and the little door on the side opens too.

Taking a closer look at my sequinned felt bird
A green and pink sequinned bird - totally natural - and thankfully quiet

And the bird? That's mum's work, not something she bought. I think everyone needs a green felt and pink sequinned bird, now I just need to find its permanent home.  I'm still working on that...

What do you think?