Reflecting on my week #10

Last week started a bit chilly didn't it? And I couldn't help but wonder how my hibiscus was coping as I lay warm in bed!  I'd thought about moving it when we got back from the allotment, but didn't, thankfully though it's in a fairly sheltered spot, so seems to be ok. I'm considering moving it to one of two spots, both of which are more sheltered. And if it gets really cold then I may bring it in, we'll have to see how it goes.

It's been another week of packing things away for winter. Last week it was my summer dresses and this week it was the turn of my flip flops. I've been wearing them around the house since it was warm enough to ditch socks. The fur lined slippers are a stage away yet, I'm currently in my mid slipper phase wearing some waffle effect mules from the White Company. They've seen better days, the insole is worn (the rest are ok) and I'm considering a refurbishment project, we'll see.

Tuesday morning was a busy one, not only did my veg box from The Very Green Grocer arrive about 7am, we headed up the road to view some bi-fold doors which we're considering for our conservatory.  All that before breakfast too.

I don't get a veg box every week, it's usually every fortnight or so, or when I need veg, and I've been really impressed with the quality of the produce.  I choose what goes in my box, which works much better for me than the traditional approach, and this week I have a lot of carrots, and turnips, so I'm on the lookout for recipes for those.  I'm pretty sure I'll be turning towards Nigel Slater, not only does he have great recipes, but it's a great chance to re-read his books!  

I've made a start on the carrot surfeit with some warming carrot and ginger soup. It was welcome after some gardening tasks yesterday, and there's some more set aside for lunches this week and some in the freezer too. I was expecting to make more of an indent, but it only used four carrots along with a tin of cannellini beans, an onion, ginger and garlic and plenty of stock.  It's amazing how much soup you can make with four carrots and store cupboard ingredients - and how tasty it is too.

Parcels. There's probably a rule somewhere that says they have to arrive while we're at work!  We're lucky that our neighbours often taken them in and I was pleased they were around to take in my new winter dresses. It doesn't always work out though (which is fine!) so on Saturday we headed off into the village to collect a parcel.  I didn't think it was mine, but wasn't sure and it turned out to be for MOH.  As we walked to the Post Office, dodging the rain, we spotted our postman and MOH said he hoped the postie didn't have his latest order. We thought nothing more of it, until we got home and found another card for a missed parcel on the mat...  Guess who's heading back to the Post Office on their late night opening (yes, it isn't me!)

It was wet here Saturday afternoon and I think it's the first time in a long while where we've needed to stay indoors, when we'd rather be outside. We weren't quite at that feeling 'caged' stage, and thankfully it was better Sunday.  So the gardening was on, and we started prepping our garden for winter, which considering it's mid-November is pretty amazing. For me that meant taking in ornaments, some pruning and tidying, moving terracotta pots into more sheltered spots, including some into the greenhouse.  MOH's focus was collecting some of the leaves and a final cut of the grass. 

There's still some more to do, but let's hope we can complete that next weekend.