A cosy corner to hibernate in

There's been hints of colder weather over the past few weeks hasn't there, but this weekend I think it was obvious that we're rapidly approaching more wintery days. Our heating has been on more regularly, and not just creeping on in the mornings - we've been seeking out the thermostat and turning it on. 

But the other thing about these colder days is the urge to sit down with a good book in a cosy corner.  I have now finished the final two books of the Wideacre Trilogy and I'll share my thoughts on those another day, but it's fair to say I'm in that "book hangover" stage now, you know when you've rushed through a book as you want to know the plot, but sad that it's over.

So I got to thinking about a cosy corner of my own, one that'd be perfect for reading and how I'd furnish that, and over at Love the Sales I found the perfect inspiration:


Armchairs, cushions, candles, rugs and a cuppa are essentials for me - what would be in your cosy corner?  

* Via Love the Sales