Reflecting on my week #9

I think last week was probably one of the quietest weeks here ever, but it was much needed.  As was this weekend where we stayed home and had no plans. Don't get me wrong, we've enjoyed our busy weekends but with busy (and long) weeks at work, we were craving some down time. In fact for the first time in a long while we didn't even venture out to the firework display on Blackheath, neither of us fancied jostling with the crowds.  So we stayed home with a succulent steak and a good bottle of wine instead. 

I'd sent MOH out shopping Saturday morning while I took the car over to Renault to get the lights checked. On our journey back from Norfolk last weekend the headlights seemed odd and given my recent headlight experience, and because the car was new, I was keen to get them checked out.  

The car is ok, and it is the cornering lights which is a new feature and it seems will take a little getting used to. For peace of mind though, it was worth the trip and the reassurance.  For MOH there was a solo shopping trip to the butchers, the greengrocers and to our local M&S which brought the realisation that food is increasingly expensive.

Yes, dear.  I've noticed it too, along with packet and portion sizes decreasing...  

Obviously eating at home is still way cheaper than eating out, and we're not on the breadline, but it is noticeable and I can't help but wonder for those that struggle to make ends meet. 

This weekend has been one of chores but not one that's been so full on its been uncomfortable.  The seasons are noticeably changing, and there's a distinct feeling that winter is on its way.  In truth, it's the start of November so it's to be expected and we've been lucky with mild temperatures so far.

But the heating is on more often, we've switched to our winter duvet and yesterday I packed my summer clothes away, replacing them with their winter equivalents.  However, I'm sure more clothes went away than came out and there was a distinct lack of colour, so I've already made some online purchases.  

I'm also starting to have an eye on Christmas, the arrangements, the preparations and the planning. I've already got plans for a couple of Christmassy posts, which I'm hoping will be right corkers!  But you'll have to wait and see...

We'd not managed any visits to the plot for a while either, so after a hearty breakfast on Sunday, guess where we went? The idea was to show we were still interested and do enough to demonstrate our plot was still active, as it turns out that was easier to do than we expected, but did, involve a fair bit of digging.  

We left with potatoes, borlotti beans, apples and a bit of a plan for our next visit, which we're planning to be much sooner, but more on that later in the week.  



So a quiet, but productive end to the week - we didn't get everything done that we'd planned, but we had a pretty good go, and are (I hope) recharged, rested and ready for what's next!