Reflecting on my week #14

It was quite a surprise to wake up to snow yesterday, it's been a while since we've had any here. It was forecast, but not until the afternoon and well, if I'm honest I never really expect them to get the forecast right! The picture below is taken from the spare bedroom window and it continued to snow and rain most of the day, and we still had snow when we headed off to bed last night. I'm hoping there isn't more overnight... 

our snowy garden, december 2017

We'd managed to get out in the garden briefly on Saturday and cover the pizza oven with a fleece and a tarpaulin, and cover the log gabion baskets too - just as well too really, but I didn't think to put fleece on the hibiscus, or the agapanthus, and so they're sporting the snowy look too. Oops.

Snowy hibiscus and agapanthus - oops

I'm hoping they'll survive... 

It's been a social week this week, with three consecutive nights out, all good but I think the highlight had to be the Carol Service which took place in the chapel at the Old Royal Naval College, such a beautiful setting. And ending this social week, we also headed into town on Saturday for afternoon tea at the lovely St Ermin's hotel in St James Park, which was festively decorated - and yes, there's another loo series to come, although not so many photos as on both visits there was an attendant diligently tidying and folding the linen hand towels, because it was that sort of place. 

After afternoon tea there was a pub visit to a great and new-to-me pub, the Adam and Eve, a traditional, proper pub with great hospitality, and more important, seats! The evening ended with a stop off at Five Guys at Charing Cross, and they really do great burgers! 

We've spent the week getting up to date with our advent calendar, which really hasn't been a hardship at all and even got back to hanging pictures on our slopey gallery wall in the craft-room-cum-study. Three pictures are up, but not without snags, so MOH is off to the big orange DIY store on his way back from work later today, to come up with plan B. I have every confidence in him...

I've my own errands to run and will be stopping off at HomeSense as I'm planning a Christmas table post and I'm off to see what they've got for that. I think I'm also going to stop into Hobbycraft while I'm there, because why not - and because I might find some Christmas present inspiration, as well as some wool for my granny square blanket. I picked that up agin for the first time since Porto this weekend, and I'm hooked all over again.

I've some great posts lined up this week: a pre-snowy garden catch-up, a post to celebrate the recent National Tree Week and a gorgeous hamper, as well as the next room set from the Ideal Home Show at Christmas, but in the meantime let me bring you up to date with my December Reflections

5. Best book of 2017

There's been  couple of tricky prompts this week, and this was the first of them. I mean, how can I choose just one? In the end I went with this notebook which I've used for all manner of things in a messy bullet journal kind of style. It's worked well for me and I'm already working out which of my notebook haul I'll use for 2018.

And every time I see this notebook I'm reminded of my first visit to the Geffrye Museum, if you've not been - go! 

December Reflections - Best book of 2017

6. I was challenged by

I told you some of the prompts were tricky for me, and this was one of those. In the end I settled on a positive challenge, learning to crochet. At times, it still challenges me, bust as I've projects lining up to be done, it's something I'm keen to master, and quickly.  And I'm sure I will, it's not as tricky as it looks!

December reflections - I was challenged by

7. Best photo of 2017

Woah! Where to start? I'm not sure if this really is my best photo of the year but it's one I waited for and thought about *and* turned out well, so given the thought and patience that went into it it deserves a mention doesn't it? 

It was taken on a visit to RHS Hyde Hall this summer and was taken on the sculpture trail. Once I'd spotted the robin, I waited for him to get to where I wanted him to be...

December reflections best photo of 2017

8. Green

More of a khaki, if I'm honest. I have lots of green garden-y pictures, but opted for this one for the memories from Porto. And for heading off the beaten track while we were there - it definitely pays off! 

December reflection green

I'm a few prompts behind (you're not surprised now, are you?) and I'm still pondering those - if I come up with anything I'll share it next week.  In the meantime, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas isn't it?