My week this week: Contradictions

It's been a pretty usual week here, but one where I've noticed a contradiction or two along the way, not in a bad way, just a week of opposites. Take the weekend, Saturday was a leisurely, relaxed morning. I'd been invited to lunch before the Charlton v Fleetwood game at The Valley so I ambled down there, spotting a cheery trough of yellow wallflowers on the way. Hardly usual football spectator behaviour (with apologies to any football supporters who regularly do this).

Sunday in comparison, was completely different. We were up and out and on the 8.19am train into town so MOH could take part in the London Winter Run, running 10k around the London course. It's an event he's done for the last three years, and one he enjoys, so no doubt he'll be doing it again next year. 

This year he was pleased with his time of 53 minutes - and rightly so, it's a great time - and insisted his medal photo was taken in the pub! 

And after the pub we did a bit of shopping before heading for some dim sum in Chinatown.  So there's been a fair bit of eating and drinkingthis week too and there was more on Tuesday when I met up with a friend for lunch that took about three hours. Just as well I'd anticipated that and booked the afternoon off work.

But in true form for this week, it seems my seafood allergy is back, and I think caused by crab. It's not been a big reaction, but maybe crabcakes on Saturday and then crab and chilli pasta on Monday night wasn't the best move. It's left me feeling a bit woozy and aware of it, but not sick, so that's something. I'll be swerving crab for a little while now I think, which is a shame as I'm rather partial to it.

And then there was the dentist this week. A quick, simple appointment she said to fit my crown and all was going well, until they tried to fit the crown along with the fixing cement. It choose that time not to sit correctly, and of course the cement did its job and set, leaving the crown completely in the wrong place. Cue lots of drilling and pulling and most probably internal swearing by the dentist, but she got it off eventually and managed to get it where it was supposed to be. 

I'm not great with dentist visits anyway, but this was a shocker, through no one's fault I should add. Just one of those things. I did feel for the people whose appointments were now severely delayed because of my misbehaving crown, and had a wobbly walk home to recover.  And the worst of it really, was paying for it all - but I guess, at least I got my money's worth...


I'm ending the week in Norfolk, and really I can't think of a place more different to London, and I'm  grateful for an escape this week. Now, if only it would stop sleeting or snowing, I'll be all set.  

How was your week? 


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