It's my 4th blog birthday!

It seems I'm not very good at birthdays, or blog birthdays in any case. I did remember last weekend that my blog birthday was approaching, and then in the busyness of life I forgot all about it until about 6:30pm this evening, as I sat on the sofa unwinding from the week.

Image: Unsplash

Image: Unsplash

In previous years I've celebrated with cake - three of them for my third blog birthday no less - but while I have bought cake for the weekend, a couple of slices of my favourite Forest cake for MOH and I (if he's lucky) its purpose was as a weekend treat rather than anything else.  See that blog birthday was well and truly forgotten.

So what to do to mark my blog birthday?

We are going out for dinner tonight, but that's to save cooking rather than celebrating.

Well, as luck would have it things have been taken out of my control. I didn't know it but today is Random Acts of Kindness day.  I know it now because of this tweet Johanne from Jo's Writing Space sent me.

It definitely put a smile on my face, thanks Johanne.

And as I was scrolling through my Twitter notifications, I spotted this from Peachy of Diary of a Little Peach.

So two lovely tweets in one day, and another smile on my face, although this time with a small blush to go with it.  Thanks Peachy.

Looking into the #BlogCrush hashtag I discovered a brand new linky hosted by Lucy from Lucy at Home and Wendy from Naptime Natter which is a linky with a difference - as well as linking their own posts, bloggers can nominate a Blog Crush, which is where Peachy came in.

So with the two tweets, the new linky and the last minute offer of some tickets to the London Bike Show tomorrow, it looks like I'm all set to celebrate my 4th blogging birthday in style. Thanks ladies!

...Oh and maybe a glass of red, or two (four may be pushing it) with dinner as well, now that I've remembered I'm celebrating!

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