A look at dad's garden in winter

And the weekend we visited Norfolk it felt like the depths of winter, we were unusually unlucky with the weather experiencing sleet and snow and rain.  Not quite the Sunny Hunny weather we hoped for, or indeed experienced the year before but I guess that's how it goes sometimes. Braving the garden felt exactly that, brave, but as I looked it was clear there were starting to be signs of Spring.

I couldn't help but be drawn to these cheery primulas who'd pushed their way through a bed of mind your own business, a favourite "filler" plant which gives me hours of giggles as MOH calls it old nonsense when prompted for its name. No, I've no idea why either, and it still makes me smile.

primulas surrounded by mind your own business

The pink primulas clearly are a lot more sensible and aren't putting up with any "old nonsense" and sticking to soil and a few wisps of grass. There were bulbs-a-plenty in other parts of the garden. Some in tubs, which were stuffed full of leaves and others planted in raised beds in a more orderly fashion.

A bucket full of bulb growth
Bulbs growing in a more orderly fashion in dad's norfolk garden

Both of these raised areas of bulbs are visible from the house and will no doubt bring a welcome blast of colour once they start to flower. In the photo below you can just see that some early crocuses are starting to flower and will bring a different layer of colour to the garden.

these bulbs are a bit behind the others but will still fill this bed with colour when they flower

By the kitchen window the spring bulbs were already making their presence known, it's a sunnier part of the garden, so it's not surprising to see these daffodils more advanced. The white blobs in the photo below are a smattering of snowdrops, which if I'd have looked closely at before then maybe we wouldn't have gone on a snowdrop hunt to Blickling...

In a sunnier part of the garden some daffodils are already close to flowering

In the vegetable garden, the rhubarb is showing signs of life and dad's broad beans are doing much better than mine. That's mostly because mine are still in conservatory and not in the soil at all, but I've still some time to get them started.  I'm currently in that "shall I, shan't I" phase, and shan't is still winning, but I'll need to get going soon. My hesitation is that once I start I want to go full steam ahead and the weather isn't quite ready for that yet.

Broad beans almost five inches or so hight

Close to where dad grows his vegetables I spotted these leaves. I think they have a simple white flower to them, but don't know what they're called, the leaves though seemed to be enjoying the weather and were growing well. Their lushness was refreshing to see, and at some point I'll try to remember to show you their flower, and try to work out what they are called.

Lushness in leaf growth
canes being enveloped by the lush green leaf growth

On the porch the geranium was still going strong, and if anything a little parched from its sheltered position, but nothing a quick drink wouldn't solve. I'm sure this one, will still be going on our next visit.

Quite the hardy geranium, and still going strong

So mostly green at the moment - but a lush green at that - and not too much colour yet. But with definite signs of spring, and blasts of colour, to come. Let's hope it doesn't take too long to arrive.

Are you seeing hints of spring yet in your garden?