My week this week: Hydration

Yes, I wasn't expecting that either. Ironic isn't it, that in a week where my umbrella's been in and out of my handbag, blown this way and that and inside out more than once, I've chosen a water related word to sum up my week. But not for that reason, my plan is to up the amount I'm drinking. Sadly not red wine, yet, but water.

It started last Friday evening at dinner, after a visit to the Winter Lights in Canary Wharf - they were great, I just wish I'd gone before the last night, but it didn't work out. We sat down ordered food, wine and some tap water and before we knew it we'd drunk most of the water, and we realised we must have been thirsty.

Thinking about it more carefully I realised I hadn't had anything to drink since before lunchtime, what with one thing and another. And somewhere along the way I've got out of the habit of filling up the water bottle on my desk. 

So I've downloaded an app, and planned to record how much water I drank thinking that if I knew where I was starting from it'd help. As it's turned out, the app lets you record all sorts of drinks as well as water. So far I've clocked up both tea and coffee, but not wine yet. That's very restrained of me isn't it?

The app has set me a target of 2.4l a day - to drink to keep hydrated, I'm pretty sure it won't reward me if my 2.4l was all wine, though maybe in the name of research I should try it one day...

Generally though I'm doing better than I thought,  reaching between 65 and 75 percent of my target, but clearly there's room for improvement, isn't there always? I'm hoping that using the app will make it easier to increase the amount of water I drink and that I'll soon build this back into my daily habits again.  

And I'd be quite happy for the wet weather to be done with too. If you could help with either of these, please do let me know! How's your week been?

The Reading Residence