My week this week: Familiarity

It's been a while since I've written a my week this week post, and I think I've just gotten out of the habit. So as I've missed these posts, I'm getting myself back into the habit. And familiarity is the word that seems to sum up the week, although I'm cheating a little bit and including a bit of my visit to Dorset the week before.

We had a return visit to Kingston Lacy, which we first visited a couple of years ago. It was great to walk around the familiar grounds and even though our previous visit had been just once and a while back, to spot the changes that had been made. 

I was keen to visit the kitchen garden properly which is behind these lovely gates. On our last visit we'd only peeked in here as we were keen to ensure we didn't get locked in, or locked out of the main grounds.  As I was taking this photo I was sure I already had a blog post with the same photo in, and the familiarity made me smile.



As it turned out the photo I already had was from the other side of the gates, but of course one side doesn't look too much different from the other, so I wasn't far wrong.

After a week away we returned home to familiarity and this remained a theme for the week. For two days this week I've been in town and have been back on the commuter train. The familiarity of commuting wasn't exactly the most welcome, especially the train home when I dared to sit down between two male commuters who found it hard to move to give me enough space. I know train seats are small, but let's just say that final journey of the two days made me so glad I now have a walking commute.

And it was so nice to get back to normal the next day and walk through Greenwich Park to work again. That journey kept me from speaking my mind on the train the evening before, although don't feel too sorry for me as as a former netball player I was able to deploy plenty of sharp elbows when required to prevent over-familiar pokes in the ribs when needed. Oh the joys of commuting.  I do wonder how I managed for almost thirty years, but then again, I probably wasn't quite so restrained before.

It's also been good to be back at work. I've realised how much I like where I'm working now and this was the first break over a day or two that I've taken since I started there last August. Being back made me realise just how much at home and part of the team I feel, which is nice after such a relatively short amount of time. It's funny though isn't it, how we can quite easily adapt to our circumstances?

Today I'm back in town for a productivity seminar, by the end of it I'm hoping to be a Productivity Ninja - so watch out - but instead of heading towards the City I'll be finding my way around a less familiar part of town between Kings Cross and the Angel. I guess I really should look at more detail where I'm going...

And before I finish, a little bit more cheating, as on Saturday I'm heading off to the Ideal Home Show. So even more familiarity, as the Ideal Home is one of my favourite home shows (MOH prefers Grand Designs, which I'll happily go to as well!) and I'm looking forward to seeing the Show Houses and the room sets and to see what else they have in store for me.  

So along with all the potential posts from Dorset (and all the ones I already have to write) with the ones from the Ideal Home Show I've a feeling there's going to be plenty to keep me going here for a good few months, so prepare yourselves!

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to let me know how your week has been.

The Reading Residence