Le Post Comment Love 28-30 April 2017

Hello there and welcome to another #PoCoLo where you can link any post you've shared in the last week. That makes for lots of good reads for everyone, so if you're new here welcome and if you were here last week, welcome back - it's great to have you here.

I've had a fun week this week, lots of things going on as usual and cramming work into three days so I can enjoy an extra-long weekend with some time off this week and next too. There's been new stuff: I received and cooked my first ever Gousto box and I'll share more here over the weekend and some new storage for our spare bedroom, old stuff: we've been taking more things to the charity shop and finally found somewhere to recycle small electrical items after a bit of a wild goose chase. I mean it's easy to see why so much stuff gets dumped if it's that hard to get rid of things isn't it?

There's been more gardening, I finally got to potter in my greenhouse and we're making real headway adding edges to our circles, which is just as well really as the date for our 110th party is looming, and I'm hoping we'll be spending the day celebrating in the garden especially after all the work we've put in.

I've been in my element there too, with lots of planning and even some doing going on. We're in France today - hence Le Post Comment Love - so if you tweet me today my retweets might be a little slower than normal. We've lots planned for our time off, but I'm also hoping that before I go back to work next Thursday, there'll have been some crafting too. 

My picture this week is another from Greenwich Park, and looking at it now, it looks as if it should have been taken on a warm sunny day. Now doesn't that just go to show how pictures can lie? The sun probably was out, but this week has been far from warm. There was thunder and hail one afternoon, and as I'm typing this the heating is on. Let's hope the weather remembers it's the end of April soon and sorts itself out!



Blogger Showcase: Natalie from UpYourVlog

Natalie's UpYourVlog blog covers beauty, fashion and fitness, and was something she started to appease her parents and explain to them what she got up to! And a perfect night out would be cocktails, and more cocktails - or prosecco - and lots of dancing. You'll have to pop over to Morgan's blog to find out more though, and be sure to check out Natalie's best posts. I'll tell you now one of them's about fly fishing, which Natalie says "I know, fly fishing. But it was such a great experience!"

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