My week this week: Chattels

Quite early on in the week I was starting to get a feeling for the word that would sum up my week, but it's taken me a while to decide on chattels. It's been a week full of stuff, but stuff didn't seem to do it justice, nor did shopping, or deliveries. But when I saw chattels it felt right - and it's also one of those words that's great to say, and sadly has fallen out of day-to-day use.

On Thursday I shared a couple of blog deliveries on my Facebook page, and it's great when they complement each other, and coincide with great weather too. Tomorrow, after some gardening, the plan is to test the trug as an ice bucket for the prosecco and for MOH to fire up the barbecue for the first time this year. 

There's been some more functional deliveries from my online shopping exploits too. I'm pleased with the new pillowcases that will replace some that haven't worn - or washed - as well as I'd hoped.  As the original ones were part of a set, and not available separately I've opted for a plain dove grey colour which I think works well. Replacing the pillowcases is a great way to pep up this bedding set, and extend its life.  

I'd been meaning to order them for a while and finally got around to it this week.  I'm not sure if that's as a result of the Productivity Ninja course I went on last Friday, or because I'd finally had enough of looking at the tatty ones. Perhaps a bit of both, but I'm no longer looking at our bed and frowning when this set of covers are on it.

My lip brush has been on its way out for a while now too, and finally the brush bit fell off rendering it a bit wobbly when I reassembled it. Cue new lip brush, and while it's a really basic thing, I love how it has its own cover. That'll save the inside of my make-up bag being covered in lipstick when the tissue I've carefully wrapped around it falls off.  As I said simple, but so effective!

I wouldn't be without a lip brush either, I resent throwing the bottom of lipsticks away and with a lip brush I don't have to. I'm sure there's lots of other reasons why applying lipstick with a brush is better, but my motivation is making those lipsticks last as long as they can!

There's been a seed delivery, and the special offer "giant fuchsias" have also arrived although they weren't due to be here until the end of the month. The potatoes and some more onions, which I'm waiting for, of course haven't yet arrived - not that the allotment is ready for them yet, but I've plenty of egg boxes lined up for chitting.  Both the seeds and fuchsias have managed to fit through the letterbox, which is great, I don't think I'll be so lucky with the potatoes and onions though, so keep your fingers crossed for one of my neighbours to be in.

The giant fuchsias made me smile, as you can see right now they're not much bigger than my thumb so they've a way to go yet. In my head I'm imagining Jack and the Beanstalk-like giant fuchsias, although I suspect they probably mean the flowers rather than the whole plant. But I think my visual image is a great one, don't you?

There's also been new shoes, which is always a cause for great excitement for me. I'd conceded that my original no-longer-very-white Shake Hotter shoes should finally be replaced. The velcro has been a bit temperamental for a while (as in it no longer sticks all of the time), they've seen better days and the sole is starting to crack - they were still extremely comfortable though, except for when the velcro popped open occasionally as I walked.

So I knew just the thing to replace them with. An updated model! They arrived promptly and I was able to retrieve them from under the car where they'd been left without actually moving the car, which was something. I unpacked them, tried them on and felt just like Cinderella, and had smart new walking to work shoes. The old shoes went out that night, while my resolve was strong.

The next day walking to work, it was a bit dewy so I avoided walking over the wet grass in my lovely crimson nubuck shoes and felt super pleased with myself. On reflection that was probably the only calm point of the day, but hey ho I had new shoes. My working day had the usual meetings and another visit to the consultant at Kings for my troublesome overactive thyroid, but I could fit everything in, it was all under control.

That is until I decided to pop to the loo while I had time, only to discover that the zip of my trousers had firmly jammed. It would only move about an inch, luckily I wasn't desperate. I tried some gentle persuasion, and some soap, and some firmer tugging, but nothing. That zip wasn't going anywhere. So off to the final two meetings of the day I went working out in my head i) how long I could go without going to the loo and if that was an option (it wasn't) and ii) what my plan b was. 

There are some lovely shops in Greenwich town centre, but there's not a whole heap of practical ones. Knowing that once the zip was undone there was very little chance of it ever doing up again, I knew I had to choose carefully, or I'd spend the rest of the day walking around clutching my left-hand-side to retain any kind of decency. Which was probably going to be quite tricky.

I chose JOY in Greenwich for my emergency shopping, and they literally lived up to their name. I am grateful to the girls who helped me on this hasty shopping trip, as not only did I have to make a purchase, but I had to do it quickly and they were running up and down the stairs for me removing security tags, bringing scissors and generally not laughing quite as much as I would have been had I not been in such a frenzy.  

Despite all the deliveries I've mentioned, I'm not a big shopper, so I wanted to buy something that I'd actually wear again rather than just make do. I'd had my eye on those long pleated skirts, but hadn't quite been brave enough. I remember wearing them at school, I think I may have even had a grey one as part of my uniform one year, and I think that was clouding my view. I tried a navy one at the cheaper end of the price range, and it really did nothing for me, there was a silver grey one that I thought might work better, but then I saw the chiffon flame version. Of course that was twice the price, but it was twice as nice and something I knew would work with my wardrobe.

And in case you're wondering all of these were tried on over the broken zipped trousers, just in case I needed to revert to plan a, but I didn't and left wearing the flame skirt, which clashed nicely with my crimson shoes - and by clashed nicely, I would totally wear these together again - and just about went with the patterned top I was wearing. 

I made my hospital appointment with seven minutes to spare, phew, and was of course not called until twenty-four minutes after my appointment time. That was typical, but I was fine with that as it gave me time to get my breath back. My thyroid is still being treated and we think it's behaving with the medication. I say think as the last test results hadn't yet arrived, so I was sent off for a blood test so the consultant could be sure for himself. The blood test resulted in the most colourful bruise I've had for a while, so just as well I'm a fan of colour hey?

I've also been discharged from the consultant which I'm happy with. It means no more mad dashes across London for what was a pointless conversation as he didn't have the same data my GP has, how frustrating all round is that. I will need to stay on the medication for a while yet, which I already knew, and I'm much happier with visits to the local surgery and hospital for blood tests. The consultant helpfully explained which of the numbers to look for in the blood test results and what they meant, so that was useful. More good news is that he said 4-6 weekly blood tests was too often, that's good, and what I thought too and I haven't been going that often either so hopefully there'll be less of those too.

But that's not the end of the deliveries. I know, I told you it had been a week for stuff didn't I?

Sadly my new shoes rubbed. And drew blood. I couldn't believe it either. Friday walking home I was in agony and doing that whole thing where you walk and try to avoid the rubbing, but fail. On closer investigation one of the seams has a bump in it, which is causing the problem. I phoned Hotter when I got in and initially the lady was a little frosty and I thought this was the last thing I needed. But she warmed up and laughed when I told her about the original shoes (which are years old) and how they'd gone straight in the bin as I was so sure the new ones would be comfortable, along with the box and the return label because I didn't think I'd have a use for them...

So I've another pair of replacement shoes on the way, and a new label to return the ones that hurt my feet. I also know where to take the dodgy pair as the lady helped me find a drop off point that I recognised - she laughed again when I had no knowledge of a shop 0.3 miles from home, but knew of the one that distance from work. I'd heard that Hotter's customer service was good, but this is the first time I've experienced it, and agree it's as good as people say.

And then the doorbell went again this morning. It was my friendly postman with yet another delivery, this time from Red Candy. It's great, but I'll share more here next week, in the meantime I'm going to enjoy some of the lovely weather and hope you manage to as well.

How's your week been? Hopefully it's been a bit less manic than mine!

The Reading Residence