My week this week: Projects

An obvious word for me, as I've always a project or two on the go, but this past week I think I've surpassed myself. 

Our long-term project to cut circles into our grass and add edging is coming to a close. You're right,  it's taken a while as we first started this last August! But we're getting there, finally. The next steps is to tackle two of the problem areas we have in our garden and a couple of weeks ago I spoke with Katie Rushworth from ITV's Love Your Garden and sought out some pro-tips on how to get started laying sleepers and talk through my gabion basket plan.

She was great to talk to and after our half-hour conversation I was motivated and equipped enough to order the sleepers which will form a raised bed around our lilac and where the old veg beds used to be and smarten up that part of the garden.  I also got on and ordered the gabion baskets I needed to get on with building the seating area and stand for our new pizza oven.   The sleepers and gabion baskets arrived yesterday and the pizza oven and logs are due today, so it feels like it's all coming together.

Which is just as well really as we're having a bit of a do in the garden in mid-June, and ask MOH keeps pointing out there's stuff to do in the house too. Yes, I know dear, that's why I have this mammoth list. Yes another project on the go, but alongside getting the garden and house ready, there's also the small matter of party arrangements too.

Back to the garden, that seems to be playing ball timing wise too;  all three of my peony plants are in bud, and I think it's the first time they've all coordinated their diaries; the giant fuchsias I bought a while back are now normal sized and I've big hopes for them and the plug plant bedding are growing steadily, whether they'll be in flower or not remains to be seen.

It's good to see the peonies flourish though as they're one of my favourite flowers, and I had them in my wedding bouquet ten years ago, so it'd be nice for them to make the party. I keep mentioning subtlety, like you do, that a nice bunch of peonies would make a lovely anniversary present, let's just hope he hasn't got his eye on the ones in the garden for that!

peonies in bud complete with ants, hmmn

While we're on flowers, my Gertrude Jekyll rose is thriving too. It has plenty of flowers and more to come and again it's significant as it was my fourth wedding anniversary present from MOH, and finally I've got it in the right place and it's flourishing.

Gertrude Jekyll rose in bud
Gertrude Jekyll in full bloom

But back to the projects

This weekend we're aiming to

  • install a three layer raised bed of sleepers where our old veg beds used to be,
  • assemble and lay out the gabion seating and pizza stand feature,
  • acquire enough 'rubble' to fill the 1 metre cube, which is the pizza stand.  We've already collected twelve sacks, and have another twelve to collect this evening, Gumtree is amazing!
  • take delivery of the pizza oven, 
  • cure the pizza oven before hopefully firing it up and eating our first pizza,
  • clear the greenhouse of plants ready for the allotment,
  • attend a family barbecue and 
  • celebrate my birthday on Monday, and it's a bit of a big one this year!

Wish us luck, and keep your fingers crossed for the rain that's forecast for the Bank Holiday stays away, as if we manage all of this I think I'll have earned a birthday glass (or two) of fizz!